Reduce Belly Fat With Easy Exercises

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Finding a cure to reduce belly fat that is both effective and somewhat simple is one of our greatest wishes, not only for women but also for men.

Not just for aesthetic reasons. Bloating is very bothersome, and the fat that accumulates on the perimeter of the abdomen could be harmful to health.

So, what’s the best exercise to lose belly fat? We’ll take a closer look.

A so-called metabolic syndrome is a group of pathologies that increase the risk of suffering diseases such as diabetes and heart failure. Fat excess is mainly responsible for that.

Therefore, it’s important to get rid of that fat, as much as possible, naturally. That is, with exercises to reduce waist and a low-fat diet.

Ideally, combining aerobics or resistance training with strength exercises a minimum of three days a week. If you are constant, you will burn the abdominal fat in less than three months.

Start with 30 minutes of cardio exercise. You can run, pedal, or do an elliptical bike at a moderate to intense pace.

Continue with 30 minutes of strength. The goal is to work the abdomen and the different muscle groups. Besides, these training sessions will allow accelerating the metabolism to promote a greater burning of calories and fats.

Keep a record. It’s important to be consistent since strength training requires that it’d be done regularly. In approximately 12 weeks, you’ll achieve the results you expect. That will be enough motivation for you to continue training.

Reduce belly fat with these 6 easy, yet effective exercises

You don’t have to go to a gym to perform strength exercises. However, it is advisable that, at least in the beginning, a personal trainer guide you on how to do them correctly to avoid the risk of injury.


belly fat cure

This is perhaps the most effective exercise to burn and reduce belly fat. It consists of placing the body horizontally parallel to the ground.

Be careful; there is no flexion involved (like push-ups): the weight is supported on the forearms and the feet’ tips.

  • When done correctly, the abdomen, lumbar, gluteal, and leg areas are activated
  • Perform five sets of 30 seconds each and rest 30 seconds between sets
  • Variant: If your lower back bothers you or can’t bear that much force in your arms, you can support it with your knees


Another important exercise to burn body fat is squats; it targets a large number of muscle groups.

  • Spread your legs shoulder-width apart and pretend to sit down, lowering your body to a 90-degree angle flexing your knees
  • Increase intensity: Hold the pose with your knees bent for 20 to 30 minutes


reduce belly fat

Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart, moving one leg to a 90-degree angle with your knee as your body descends vertically.

After a few seconds of holding the pose, you return to the starting position. Then change legs.

  • You will activate quadriceps, glutes, and abs
  • To avoid injury, keep your back straight, and your hip leveled

Dead weight

belly fat cure

Open your legs shoulder-width apart while keeping your knees slightly flexed throughout the workout.

A hip flexion or bow is performed from here, bringing the arms to an intermediate point between the knees and ankles.

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It would be best if you always descended with your back straight to avoid injury and ascend using forces from the abdomen. This will also help you maximize the exercise’s effectiveness.

  • You will strengthen the core muscles and central body area
  • To increase the intensity, you can add a bar or dumbbells


reduce belly fat

Rest your hands on the floor and stretch your legs parallel to the ground, as if doing a plank, with your back straight.

  • From this starting position, bring your knees to your chest alternately, one at a time
  • Keep moving for a minute without altering the rhythm



This is the most complete and intense exercise. Along with all the muscle groups involved, the abdomen is very intensely activated.

This is the sequence of movements that you must repeat for a minute and without rest:

  • Squat starting position with hands on the floor and head up
  • Shift your legs back with your feet together and do a push-up or chest bottom
  • Collect the legs back to the starting position
  • Jump up and clap your hands
  • Perform a total of 3 sets with 12 repetitions each, take a break of 30 seconds between sets and 60 seconds between each exercise
  • Increase intensity: You can introduce dumbbells or weights. However, it’s not recommended that you do this in the first training sessions

When you are taking breaks from strength workouts, you can choose to jog, ride a bike or swim for at least 30 minutes. Cardio exercise of moderate-intensity will keep your body active.


In addition to these exercises and to reduce belly fat more effectively, proper nutrition is essential to reduce waist and burn abdominal fat. These tricks will help you:

  • Eat more fruit and fewer shakes. Try to get the most fiber out of your meals
  • Avoid soda beverages; they cause bloating
  • Reduce sugars since sweeteners are also very difficult to digest
  • Eat slower to avoid bloating
  • Drink plenty of water! it contributes to the elimination of liquids
  • If you suffer from a lot of gas, bloating, and pain, you may have a certain food intolerance
reduce belly fat
Reduce Belly Fat With Easy Exercises

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