5 Reiki Principles: Essential Tools for Natural Healing

5 Reiki Principles

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Within the so-called “natural therapies,” there are many tools to help you in your awakening and healing process, such as the 5 reiki principles. 

These tools, the 5 reiki principles, pursue a single goal: to help you look inside yourself and draw back the veil that prevents you from connecting with your higher self.

Let’s review the 5 Reiki principles

There are many ways to get there, as many as there are people.

Still, they all go through the phase of opening towards the inside and a process of detachment from the outside that allows you to refine your consciousness to penetrate inside you and gradually connect with your divine nature.

In this way, you will achieve a free flow of energy in your physical and subtle body, releasing the energetic blockages that have been anchored in your system due to the effects produced by limiting beliefs that do not allow the free expression of your feelings and your innate energetic potential, burdening others with your own limitations.

Do not reject anything, be free, discover yourself. To heal yourself on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels, just Accept, Love and Share.

Meditation, reiki, exercise, prayer, and other holistic alternatives can help your unique and authentic integral development.

Reiki is a practical, simple, powerful, and positive technique that requires no previous preparation or specialized training. It is accessible to all of us.

Reiki instruction

5 Reiki Principles

For the specific effects to be produced, it is necessary to have received the teachings and initiations of a Reiki Master, being aware that the true Master is within us. It is our Inner Master.

The only mission of an external master is to show us a way by opening his heart so that we can reach our own.

From the moment you decide to use reiki, either by taking sessions with another person or deciding to initiate yourself in this path through a Master, there will be a before and an after in your life.

Still, only from the point of view of your acquired schemes because in reality, there is only a here and now, and only from the moment you can heal your past and shape your future.

Reiki, along with other associated techniques that can be practiced together, will bring you more awareness to immerse you and release you from useless thoughts that you used to impose on yourself with your limiting belief system.

It’s all about harmony

This very moment, your present reality is the perfect thing for you because it is a bridge that you must cross to follow your personal path.

Everything is fine as it is; everything happens here and now, entirely and correctly for you and your growth, a return to health, joy, integration, and love.

With reiki, you will learn not to reject anything and also to accept everything, being free in every moment.

One of the purposes of reiki is to teach you to connect with the Universal Energy through your higher self so that you can first begin the path of your own physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing.

Only then can you help to heal other people, animals, and beings with whom you share your existence and earthly experience.

Mikao Usui

5 Reiki Principles

Reiki was rediscovered by a Japanese doctor and priest named Mikao Usui (Japan 1865-1962).

Mikao Usui, had a strong background and long experience in the teachings and treatments of this method.

The person must also take an active part in the process and show a genuine desire for that positive change to happen.

He understood that to produce a desirable and permanent change such as healing; it is necessary to act on the other mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

In this sense, Mr. Usui formulated the two basic rules of Reiki

All people treated must ask for their own treatment. A person’s will to heal must be respected since freedom of choice, and free will are two of the fundamental laws of human evolution, and no one should interfere with another person’s will.

Therefore, people who don’t ask for reiki’s healing action means that they still have a part of themselves that resists being healed, and that decision must be respected.

A counterpart of whatever kind must accompany every treatment.

But there must be an exchange of energy between transmitter and receiver so that the latter is involved in their own healing and acquires the commitment to do everything possible to heal.

Development of reiki principles

Mikao Usui also knew that his mission was to heal the physical body and help others take charge of their own healing.

Because all healing entailed a change of attitude towards life, setting aside negative attitudes and thoughts and opening ourselves to positiveness and the love of the creator, Unconditional Love.

Thus he enunciated the 5 reiki principles, which are basic rules of behavior and ethics that should be practiced and internalized until they become guiding principles of our lives.

They are integrated as higher values in our aura and energy system. When performing the transmissions, we can achieve physical healing and simultaneously achieve recovery at the mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

The 5 Reiki Principles

5 Reiki Principles

The three words that Usui puts before each principle, “Just for today,” want to symbolize the idea of the “here and now,” indicating that we should not have regrets for the past.

If any action of yours in the past causes concern or feelings of guilt, you must understand that at that particular moment, you acted according to your present conditioning and that it was the result of your previous evolutionary degree. So you served as best as possible at that time.

Therefore, you should be grateful for the lesson learned, allowing it not to repeat in the future.

You must be grateful for each situation, whether it is pleasant or not, and follow your path with acceptance, peace, and love.

Likewise, it would help if you did not worry about the future because we create it. The situations we go through are exactly the ones we need at each moment since each contains a lesson that we must learn for our evolutionary process.

Worry is usually generated by fear. It would be best to assume that anxiety would accompany you on your growing path since you have to take risks to move forward.

You must try to ally with fear and turn it into your friend, facing it from an attitude of power reinforced with an inner work of self-esteem, love, and trust in yourself, in others, and the wisdom of life.

Don’t worry, be happy…

Both worry and fear negatively influence your energy system and produce blockages that can lead to disease, as they have physiological changes in the body (tachycardia, shallow breathing, increased blood pressure) that reduce immunological capacity making you more vulnerable to disease.

Therefore, you must educate your mind to adopt a neutral attitude towards life situations that can affect you and strive to cultivate joy, optimism and confidence:

  • Be aware of your reality; you are a spiritual being with a divine essence capable of overcoming any obstacle
  • Blindly trusting your all-knowing higher self, once internalized, will lead you to a carefree life
  • Adorn your face with a smile, cultivate optimism. Remember that what you give to the Universe will be returned to you

Irritation is a state of disharmony that comes mainly from feelings of anger or rage, generated because we want to control and dominate all situations.

When events escape our control, we have feelings of anger, rage, and hatred that produce a state of alienation from our higher self and universal consciousness.

When you feel angry, remember that this anger prevents you from expressing your unconditional love, separating you from the feeling of union.

Remember that every situation in your life is originated by a cause that creates a specific effect necessary for your growth; therefore, it is useless to blame others or try to justify your anger externally.

What you think and feel about others reflects yourself and takes responsibility and control of your own life.

Internalize that the causes of your irritation are within you and that only you and your inner work can overcome them.

Everything that exists comes from the same Source; we all have a common origin, which was the Creator’s original will to give us life and that everything that exists in our environment should accompany us during our stay on Earth.

Therefore, we are all impregnated with the divine essence, and with the individuality that has been granted to us, we are part of the Cosmic and Universal Unity.

Thus every entity with which we have contact (person, animal, vegetable, or mineral) is worthy of our respect, kindness, compassion, and love.

This loving appreciation towards all creation makes us remember that we all come from the same origin, placing us in a situation that satisfies us emotionally and fulfills our vital expectations and existential doubt.

Knowing that we are part of creation, which makes us feel nourished by the feeling of belonging to the Cosmic and Universal Unity Consciousness.

When we project these vibrational feelings of love and positive energy to our environment, we also begin to receive them.

So the first step to realizing this principle is to love and respect yourself, perform an act of love towards yourself and others, bring you the joy of life and satisfaction, and leave behind the negative thoughts and attitudes, which generate dissatisfaction and make you feel distant from the Source.

Today, let us be kind, grateful and honor our Masters, our elders, our parents and ancestors.

The work you do is a part of yourself, of your Life Energy, which you give to the world and the collectivity in which you live in the form of physical or intellectual activity.

You must first love what you do. If you do not like what you do, you must change your activity, and if you cannot or will not change it, you must at least change your attitude towards what you do so that your tasks become activities worthy of your appreciation and love.

Tasks are tasks, neither better nor worse; the only thing that gives them more or less meaning to you is what you think of them.

By modifying your beliefs towards your work, you can move from a disappointing situation for you to a new state of satisfaction, joy, and love towards what you do, an inner feeling that what you are doing is “something worthy of value.”

“Before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water; after enlightenment, chop wood and carry water.” Zen proverb.

One of the consequences of loving your work is that you then perform it honestly, which means developing it under the principles of love for yourself and others, bringing light and clarity to your activities.

Gratitude is a psychological mechanism and a spiritual tool that allows us to continuously receive the gifts that the Universe grants us by engraving in our mind a sense of belonging to the source from which everything comes.

It is related to abundance, success, and prosperity since the Universe provides us with everything we need for our growth.

Therefore, by adopting an attitude of gratitude to the creator for everything we have, it places us in an advantageous position to continue receiving. If we focus on what we believe we lack, we will fall into the path of lack, frustration, and dissatisfaction.

“You are a unique, universal, and divine being, and you have as much right to universal abundance as anyone else.”

Internalizing this reality and always keeping it in mind will make you grateful for what you already have and can continue to receive.

  • Gratitude for all your possessions and what you have received is a stimulus that caresses your spirit to keep moving forward, thanking you for everything, especially for the small steps that allow you to move forward every day
  • Gratitude towards yourself makes you more confident in your abilities to overcome the continuous doubts, fears, and apprehensions that come your way
  • Gratitude is the seed of faith because, with each act of gratitude, your mind will naturally expect to receive more. With repetition, this expectation becomes a certainty

5 reiki principles: Conclusion

The universal mirror mechanism reflects everything we send out to achieve prosperity; we must constantly give thanks as if our wishes have been granted, which begin in thought as simple ideas and become a reality the more you think about it.

When you concentrate on what you wish to materialize from the bottom of your heart, you bring manifesting energy to it, and you can reinforce this manifestation process by giving thanks as if you have already received it.

We hope you enjoyed this article. You can start practicing these 5 reiki principles as of today! Improve your life and others around you. Stay safe and healthy.

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5 Reiki Principles: Essential Tools for Natural Healing
5 Reiki Principles

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