What is Astral Projection? A Complete Analysis and Guide

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To better understand what astral projection is all about, we’ll stick to the descriptions made by parapsychologists and scientific researchers.

We’ll also address opinions made by esotericists. While the former two try to discover the physical and psychic mechanisms that produce it, the esoteric point of view acquires a spiritual type dimension.

Thus, from a scientific standpoint, many researchers who, since the 19th century, have dedicated their studies and efforts to discovering a methodology that would explain and demonstrate the phenomenon of astral projection.

Reaching a generally accepted definition that would become a description similar to the following:

“Astral travel occurs when the inner body is separated from the physical body. This is, without the emotional body or meditation intervention, although the mental state is necessary for its interpretation.”

This situation is similar to what would occur when a person dies since many people have suffered a “clinical death.”

That is to say, those who have remained clinically dead for some minutes, and on regaining consciousness, they have manifested this type of experience, where they’ve been elevated above their physical body while at the same time, they could see and hear everything that was happening around them.

Astral projection and death

what is astral projection

However, it’s unnecessary to reach a state of clinical death or pre-death to experience astral travel.

In fact, astral travel occurs naturally in every one of us during sleep, although, in this case, unconsciously.

This projection can also be made in a conscious and controlled way. Furthermore, there have been cases of people who experienced it spontaneously, while completely awake, and without any express desire to do so.

Paradoxically, there are people who, despite trying it by different means, the only thing they achieve is a “mental projection,” which should not be confused with astral travel.

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While astral travel is free (there is no mental manipulation), mental projection is induced or provoked, directed towards apparent and defined objectives, something that, in principle, was reserved for spiritual masters, yogis, mystics, and shamans.

Mental projection

When the mental projection is produced, the astral body is directed towards particular places of human symbolism; were fears, prejudices, religious precepts, and all that the human mind has assumed as moral concepts acquire a meaning that can condition the physical existence of the individual.

Since the mental state will always remain next to the physical body, the latter will be at the mercy of the mental state’s desires.

This characteristic of the mental projection makes it be used together with astral travel by shamans and similar characters to get a physical, psychic, medical, soul, or material benefit for someone.

Since it derives from the physical mind, its effects can revert on the physical or material plane.

In astral travel, the inner body will remain connected to the physical body only through a “silver cord” and until the time of the return to the physical body or the time of death.


According to experts in this field, astral travel is considered a path that enables us to connect physical life and “beyond,” which will not interfere with physical life aspects.

As it does not enable us to acquire the knowledge that could consciously exist in the astral plane, that is to say, with the mental body’s intervention.


From an esoteric standpoint, astral projection can be interpreted as bilocation that acquires a totally mystical and spiritual concept, where the phenomenon is used with altruistic purposes or spiritual elevation.

In this case, splitting or bilocation would consist of the faculty of projecting oneself out of the body, being able to be in two places simultaneously and in the same space of time.

Such is the case of many religious mystics, where throughout history, we can see how they have projected their body in two places at once, even becoming physically visualized.

One of the best-documented cases is that of Santa Agueda, who could project her body from Segovia’s convent, where she was cloistered, and appear in Mexico; to evangelize the natives.

She even gave them the rosaries that had been guarded in the convent.

Remote viewing vs astral projection

Remote viewing and astral travel are very different but equally great. Many people have asked me if remote viewing is the same as astral travel. The short answer is: No, they are very different.

what is astral projection

However, they have in common that both happen thanks to the astral plane since there are no physical limits when you practice either of these two skills.

For example, in astral travel, you go yourself in your astral body instead of “seeing it from far away.”

In fact, for people who are clairvoyant, or at least, in the great majority, they will find it easy to try to see something remotely.

Astral travel

This is when you “get out” of your physical body, freeing the soul from the weight of the third dimension. Your soul is connected with your body energetically (silver cord) and navigates the astral plane.

It must happen consciously for it to be considered astral projection or travel.

Everyone (including animals) experiment with astral travel every night, consciously or not. The experience will give you a “high,” especially when you’re back in your body; it will surprise you a lot.

Let’s give astral projection a try

Now, I’m going to give you the steps:

  • Make sure it’s early in the morning. If you have naturally woken up, it’s even better for practicing
  • Lie back in bed (or in your designated astral travel spot if you have one)
  • Make sure that your body is completely relaxed
  • Keep your mind free from thoughts for a few minutes
  • Focus on the vibrations when they come, ignore the rest, especially if they are frightening (it’s only sleeping paralysis)
  • When the vibrations are strong, visualize with your mind that you are starting to float, focus all your attention on it
  • If successful, you will find yourself floating above your body. If so, quickly visualize outer space or someplace you wish to go to get away from your physical body and prevent a premature return. Enjoy the journey!

“I started to float. I could see my body in bed. It was a feeling of satisfaction but also panic. I didn’t know what was happening…and so I went back. It was a sudden descent as if I had fallen into the void. I woke up terrified.”

<<Karla’s story is one of many I’ve heard from people I’ve known.>>

what is astral projection

Astral travels have been documented for thousands of years through spiritual masters, shamans, and even modern science. The first historical references come from ancient Egypt, more than 5,000 years ago, where priests knew of the astral body’s existence.

You can observe hieroglyphics in their temples, representing this “body” as something subtle coming out of the physical body.

During sleep, astral travel is referred to as “out-of-body experiences,” It happens when literally our soul or spirit separates from our physical body.

Our consciousness temporarily leaves the carnal body and uses the astral body independently.

Whenever this happens, we vividly feel what’s going on, which is very different from regular dreams. During sleep, this sensation of shaking or tugging may indicate a difficult astral re-entry into our body.

A common phenomenom

Astral travel is a natural phenomenon, even though most people don’t realize it.

Specific studies reflect that at least 80 percent of adults remember having astral travel at various times. However, it’s not clear if it has been related to spontaneous projections or specific events that have affected their lives.

It is a skill that can be learned and developed like any other without requiring a special “gift.”

Astral projection can be made in a conscious and controlled way; even people experience it spontaneously while awake.

Astral travel, also known as “bilocation,” acquires a mystical nuance because such a splitting can enable a person to project himself out of the body to be in two places simultaneously.

Even the Church throughout time has recorded out-of-body experiences. St. Anthony of Padua and St. Alphonsus Liguori was seen in various places while in the monastery.

The Swedish mystical scientist Emmanuel Swedenborgwho abandoned his researches to help humanity discover a rational spirituality– claims that he visited several dimensions and offered details of all of them.

It is even said that Napoleon, in his last moments, traveled astrally from Saint Helen to Rome to inform his mother that she was dying.

The cultural beliefs of the astral traveler determine the pattern of the experience. In eastern Peru, the shaman imagines himself coming out of his body in the form of a bird.

According to Darwin’s theory, one of the scientific views of these dreams is that they are ancient memories of when our ancestors were aquatic or flying creatures.

Psychologists describe them as a kind of depersonalization or a means to avoid reality.

If it were something easy to achieve consciously, astral travel would be an everyday occurrence.

There are two important requirements to fully experience astral travel: the first is that you believe and appreciate the reality that an astral body exists. The second is that you are certain that you can do it and thus focus your desire on leaving the physical body.

Certainly, some factors influence astral journeys. Alcohol is definitely an impediment; a favorable element is a position when sleeping, specifically if you position the head in the north direction; this alignment is also very valuable to get a night of quality sleep.

Fear, the greatest barrier in astral projection

what is astral projection

Fear is the greatest barrier people find in astral travel.

Being terrified by the idea that you’re going to be separated from your physical body and perhaps, die automatically makes you return to it quickly (as happened to Karla) because that’s where your life is, in the “physical world.”

Only by repeating the experience many times will you dismiss that fear. It’s like starting to swim and eventually realizing that your body can float, that you will not drown.

The sensations of astral travel are more or less the same. Among them is “self-balancing,” which consists of seeing the body lying in bed (this is one of the impressions that most authenticates the experience).

You can also experience the not so pleasant sleep paralysis, where people feel the inability to move the physical body or wake up, as well as noises that are commonly produced in the phase when the astral body is leaving the physical one.

These noises can be perceived as clicks or vibrations, which are completely natural but surprising.

The silver cord

The physical body and the astral body are connected through the silver cord, a mass of molecules vibrating at high speed, similar to the umbilical cord that unites mother and baby.

the silver cord

It is called that because of the set of colors from outside, seemingly silver. This cord is infinitely extendable and without limits.

Whether we travel in the present or enter the Akashic Records, the silver cord is the safety rope between what we perceive and the physical world where our body is.

All the information is transmitted through it, and thanks to its infinite capacity to extend, we can travel to different planes of existence.

Fascinating experiments have been done with astral travel. In 1995, the CIA declassified a secret program in which they worked with hundreds of people who were able to “see” distant places and future events.

The name of this program was the Stargate Project, conducted in Maryland between 1978 and 1995.

In this project, important scientists tested remote vision under controlled sleep conditions to obtain data on activities related to espionage, terrorism, secret bases in other countries, and hidden missiles.

Physicists Russell Targ, Harold E. Puthoff, and psychic Ingo Swann participated in the program, where they tried to test the human mind’s capacity to transcend the limits of space and time.

Weight loss?

More recently, and thanks to the cooperation between astral travel scholars, the phenomenon has been placed within the scope of everyday science.

Dutch scientists weighed the physical body before, during, and after astral travel and found a weight loss of 2.25 ounces during exteriorization. Who knows, perhaps soon astral travel may be used as a method for weight loss.

The focus that we give to our lives is, in a way, the focus that we also give to our spiritual life. Once we understand the dynamics of conscious projections, we can have healthy, controlled experiences from which we can derive great benefit.

Interaction with consciousnesses from other dimensions is a natural step in our evolutionary process. Lucid access to other planes enables us to respond to ourselves about death, the meaning of life, and evolution.

what is astral projection

What is Astral Projection? A Complete Analysis and Guide

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