Wood Therapy: Uses, Treatments & Techniques

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One of the most effective reductive therapies with positive results and feedback from many people is wood therapy. But what is it, and how does wood therapy work?

Nowadays, with so many options in the market for weight loss and body contouring, it can be quite overwhelming knowing which is right for you.

And more importantly, which is the one that will really make you see changes in your body without risking your health.

As its name suggests, this peculiar therapy is a treatment that consists of the application of a massage with various wooden instruments, made to adapt to different areas of the body.

Wood therapy is used for relaxing and aesthetic purposes. The second is the most common; it reduces localized fat, fights cellulite, tones and shapes the body.

The two most common applications of wood therapy are:

  1. Nonsurgical body contouring: This treatment is applied in order to drain localized adiposity and, in this way, reduce, tone, and shape.
  2. Anti-cellulite therapy: The goal here is to eliminate the accumulation of fat in different parts of the body, such as the hips, thighs, or abdomen. This type of massage activates circulation in the treated area and eliminates fluid retention. One of the preferred areas to apply is the buttocks, as it helps to mold and reaffirm, resulting in a firmer and lifted appearance.

What is a wood therapy session like?

wood therapy

It starts with specific techniques to prepare the skin, such as pumping or lymphatic massage maneuvers to move the fat.

Next, a massage is performed with strong pressure at a faster rhythm than usual, and finally, the massage is performed with wooden accessories.

In general, it is recommended a minimum of 10 sessions to achieve considerable results; however, it will depend on each body type and metabolism. In some people, 10 sessions will be enough, while others may need up to 15 or more.

It is essential to assess your case with a professional before taking a massage with wood therapy or any reductive treatment.

Something fundamental, which applies to everyone, is that none of these treatments will make you lose weight or sizes miraculously.

If and when you decide to start this or any other therapy, remember it must be accompanied by a good diet, exercise, discipline, and perseverance. This will be the only way to achieve satisfactory results.

What is wood therapy good for? Additional benefits

  • Activates the circulatory and lymphatic system
  • Facilitates the elimination of adipocytes
  • Promotes the elimination of toxins
  • Reduces localized fat
  • Shapes specific areas, such as waist, abs, buttocks, or thighs.
  • Reduces stress levels
  • Firms and tones the skin
  • Combats cellulite and orange peel skin

Remember, whenever you decide to take a reductive treatment, talk to a specialist and see how it works and how you can benefit from it if you do it the right way.

How wood therapy works against cellulite

wood therapy

Anti-cellulite therapy eliminates fat accumulation in different parts of the body, such as the hips, back, or belly.

Maybe you’ve heard about this technique before as one of the best treatments to eliminate cellulite and tone the body, but you may not know exactly how it works.

We’ll tell you all about it!

It is an intense massage with wooden instruments, designed to achieve cellulite reduction and toning effects.

This natural method can help reduce stress levels, activate cell renewal, firming, toning the body, treat cellulite by reducing fat deposits, modeling the body contour and combat various pains such as back or neck.

Anti-cellulite wood therapy eliminates fat accumulation in different parts of the body, such as the hips, back, and abdomen.

Thanks to this massage, microcirculation is activated, and fluid retention is eliminated. It also helps to shape the buttocks, achieving a firmer and lifted appearance.

Treatment is targeted to specific “grades” of cellulite

Depending on your cellulite’s severity, the expert will make an assessment and perform the correct procedure for your particular case.

Let’s take a look at different scenarios:

There is a circulatory alteration, which contributes to fluid retention, with connective tissue’s consequent edema.

The skin is smooth to the naked eye, with a slight rippling when the skin is pinched.

A good form of prevention is adding a few drops of avocado oil to your daily body moisturizer and ingest supplements with pineapple or artichoke that stimulate circulation.

Orange peel skin appears when pressure is applied, and the buttocks area is usually the most affected.

With more edema present caused by fat accumulation and interstitial fibrosis, it’s now time to use anti-cellulite creams with caffeine, as well as draining and circulation stimulators.

It usually affects thighs, buttocks, arms, and hips. The skin looks flaccid, and fat nodules appear visible to the naked eye and begin to group in hard micronodules.

Professional massages and anti-cellulite treatments help to break up the micronodules, mobilize fat and drain fluids.

It is advisable to consume diet supplements rich in green tea, which are useful for assisting in adipose tissue metabolism. Also, grape seeds possess strong antioxidant properties that promote microcirculation.

In this grade, pain appears when rubbing and is visible even at rest. Circulation is severely affected, causing edema and fluid retention.

To help eliminate it, you can include in your diet algae rich supplements that act on the source of fats, active ingredients that improve circulation, as well as anti-cellulite creams with high concentrations of caffeine.

How is wood therapy for cellulite applied?

The massage session is almost always divided into three stages.

  1. The first is a lymphatic massage to prepare the skin and move the fat.
  2. A reduction massage with essential oils follows.
  3. Finally, the massage is performed with wooden devices.

Wood therapy sessions usually last about twenty minutes.

This is a treatment based on a massage performed using wooden instruments of different shapes, sizes, and designs. These instruments are adapted to different parts of the body, achieving body stimulation.

Results start to be visible after the third session. Experts recommend taking ten to fifteen sessions to achieve a visible result.

As it is considered a holistic technique, it is also characterized by energetic stimulation and deep relaxation that brings well-being and tranquility.

You may currently find this alternative technique in different centers, mainly targeting the whole body, face, bust, anti-cellulite and relaxing treatments.

This is one of the most demanded techniques within wood therapy. Different wooden tools created specifically to delicately treat different problems of the face and neck are employed.

Its application has a firming effect, reactivating elastin and collagen production and increasing the density of the extracellular matrix. In addition to firming, it tones, shapes, and improves blood and lymphatic circulation.

Type of instruments used

wood therapy

Wooden instruments come in different shapes, sizes, and designs. They adapt to different parts of the body, achieving body stimulation.

For the bust: the bust is also one of the key points of wood therapy, as it manages to remove fat and drain it to the areas where it is needed, in addition to shaping and increasing breast volume.

Anti-cellulite: eliminates the accumulation of fat in different parts of the body, such as hips, back, or abdomen.

Thanks to this massage, microcirculation is activated, and fluid retention is eliminated. It also allows the buttocks to be molded, achieving a firmer and lifted appearance.

Body: achieves reducing, shaping, and toning results thanks to the draining stimulus of localized adiposity.

Physio-aesthetic: in addition to reducing stress levels, it eradicates contractures caused by physical activity and posture, relieving pain and discomfort in both muscles and joints.

Holistic treatment: for holistic massage enthusiasts, wood therapy acts on the chakras generating well-being, emotional tranquility, and a perfect synergy between mind, body, and spirit.

wood therapy

Wood Therapy: Uses, Treatments & Techniques

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