Do Penis Enlargement Pills Really Work? Your Questions Answered

penis enlargement pills

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It’s not unusual to wish for something different about our bodies – we often desire wider shoulders, a better chin, and longer legs, and of course better “assets.” For men, that usually means a bigger penis, and for women, that usually means bigger boobs or butt.

This is totally normal, but while women are offered injections and surgeries to change their physique, men are usually advertised penis enlargement pills.

But do magic pills really work? Are they safe? Are they worth the money? Today, we’ll answer all your most frequently asked questions about this highly debated topic.

Do they really work?

The general consensus is that no they don’t work. Just as you can’t take a pill to grow longer fingers or bigger boobs or lips, there are no pills that can help your best friend grow bigger.

Most of these pills contain the same things that are in a multivitamin.

Think about it, if anyone had a scientifically proven pill to grow penis size, it would likely be expensive (which most enlargement pills are not) and everyone would know about it! Anyone telling you otherwise is likely lying to you.

Are penis enlargement pills safe?

This totally depends on the specific enlargement pills you’re looking at – some are simply full of vitamins and minerals, while others contain hormones.

The former will not harm you, while the latter might since hormone imbalance can cause a wide range of side effects, depending on the hormones used. There are no FDA-approved male enlargement supplements on the market that have scientific evidence to back up their safety or effectiveness.

Are they worth the money?

No – again, they are likely overpriced vitamins repackaged as a male enlargement pill, and there is no proof that any of them can increase penis size at all. They are also usually sold by less-than-legitimate companies, so you may find it difficult to get a refund when they inevitably do not work.

Is my penis too small?

penis enlargement pills

This depends totally on who you ask – some people think a Ford F150 truck is too big to be on the road, while another person won’t be able to imagine getting by without it.

Similarly, one person will be more than happy driving around in a 3-door Mini Cooper while another will think it’s too small. It is very unlikely that your penis is “too small.”

All those penis enlargement pills advertisements (and the size of penises you may see in pornography) will lead you to think that bigger is always better but talk to a handful of women (or men) and you’ll find that simply isn’t the case!

Remember that your partners are sleeping with you not someone else. 

What size qualifies as a “micropenis”?

Micropenis is usually defined as a penis less than 3.5 inches long. While many men believe they have a small penis, having a micropenis is actually very rare and is usually caused by a genetic issue.

One of the most common causes is hypogonadotropic hypogonadism, which is where the brain does not stimulate the production of the right hormones that prompt the testicles to create testosterone.

Another is Klinefelter syndrome, which is where male babies are born with an additional (or multiple additional) X chromosomes (the female chromosome).

Do vacuum pumps or penis exercises increase penis size?

penis enlargement pills

A vacuum pump is only a temporary way of making your penis look bigger – it’s the same thing as sucking a glass onto your face tightly until your lips tingle, and then taking it away to find your lips look bigger.

They are temporarily full of blood and will go back to normal. If used for a long time, vacuum pumps can cause long-lasting damage.

The same goes for member exercises and stretching, though exercises are by nature much safer to do than using a device. There is some mixed information on whether penis stretching works, with some studies saying they found that there is a possibility that using a penis extender will produce results.

At this current time, there is not enough research to confirm the effectiveness and safety of these devices.

Does penis enlargement surgery work?

Cosmetic surgery, especially when it comes to gentiles, is making huge strides every day. It’s unlikely that any CIS-gendered man (born male) will need penis surgery for appearance or size, and it’s usually only done if there is a defect caused by injury or present from birth.

Most penis enlargement surgeries sever essential ligaments so the penis hangs down further, though this often causes a lot of difficulties when it comes to having sex.

If you’re determined to have a procedure to get your penis enlarged, make sure you do your research and speak to experts in their field.

What can help my penis get (or look) bigger?

Since we’ve ruled out pills, are there any ways you can get your penis to be or look bigger? The answer is – it depends.

If you’re very skinny and fit and find it easy to get a full erection when with your partner, then it’s unlikely you’ll see much effect from the tips below, but that’s not to say you can’t try them! Here are some ways you can make your penis get or look bigger:

  • Lose weight – if you are even a little overweight, you may have belly fat or weight around your pelvis above your penis. Both of these issues can cause your penis to look smaller since the base of your penis can be covered by excess weight. When you slim down and tighten that area, you’ll see the full length of your penis
    Getting fit- can also help you improve your blood pressure, which can help your penis reach its full length because the arteries in the penis can widen and allow more blood to flow through. Many high blood pressure medications will make it more difficult to have sex, so exercise and nutrition will be your friend here
  • Shave (or trim) your pubic hair – this may sound silly, but just like our tip above, if you’re particularly bushy down there, your penis will look smaller than it really is! Give everything a trim or a shave to show your full length
  • Work on yourself and work with your partner – if you find it hard (no pun intended!) to get fully erect before sex, you may be too in your head worrying about what you’re doing or you may even have an unsympathetic partner. Most men are growers and not showers, so if your penis grows when erect, focus on becoming comfortable and doing things that truly turn you on with your partner so you reach full length before you move onto penetrative sex

We’re all unhappy with one or two things with our body, but unless your small penis is making it difficult to enjoy any form of sex at all, the issue is likely with your perspective more than your penis itself.

If you are concerned, speak to your doctor or another medical expert about routes that may be available to you, but otherwise, focus on increasing confidence and improving your health.

It’s important to find give-and-take in bed so make sure you’re advocating for what turns you on most so you don’t only feel comfortable while alone, and if you have a partner that makes you feel bad about your penis size, let them go – there will be someone out there that’s the perfect match for you in and out of the bedroom.

penis enlargement pills
Do Penis Enlargement Pills Really Work? Your Questions Answered
penis enlargement pills

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