Proextender Review: The Best Way to Permanently Increase Penis Size?

proextender review

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The following Proextender review & analysis found that this simple device was the most effective, and most convenient, method of penis enlargement available. It produced a lasting result, without the risks, side effects, and discomforts that come with other enlargement methods.

There are few men who have never worried about their penis size. For men, it joins death and taxes as one of life’s certainties. And even those who others might consider blessed in that department worry they are still not big enough.

Research has shown that men, even when they know they are adequately endowed, still worry their penis is too small.

The difficulty, of course, is that penis size is an exceptionally private subject. Even the best of friends will not discuss comparative sizes, and furtive glances at the gym are misleading, at a different angle, and only providing glances of (presumably) flaccid penises.

Inevitably, a whole industry has been created around penis enlargement. Sadly, much of it takes advantage of the fact that men simply don’t talk about this subject and uses that to take advantage of them.

Anyone whose email has got onto a spammer’s list will know how many emails they get promising male enhancement. But whether it’s claiming to be a scientific breakthrough or an ancient tribal secret, it won’t have any effect on your size.

However, when it comes to something as personal as penis size, everyone will have their own preferences, and there are several options available for men looking to increase their size.

Pills and creams

proextender review

Despite being a promise of many spam emails, there are no pills or creams that will increase penis size. While people still buy them out of desperation, both science and common sense tell us that such an approach simply is not possible.

Research has found no evidence that tablets or topical medicines can increase size.

There isn’t a medicine that, when swallowed, can target a specific body area. And while creams and ointments can be applied directly, they simply cannot stimulate a reaction that causes growth.

In fact, some can even be dangerous. Since the medicines are unregulated, there is no guarantee they are not harmful. And some creams are actually irritants that work by causing swelling, effectively injuring your penis to make it bigger!

Penis pumps

proextender review

Penis pumps are a common method of enlargement. These can, and do, have visible effects. They work by simple physics: the fact that nature abhors a vacuum.

While they all have different designs, the basic process is the same. The unit, usually a transparent tube so you can see the effect, will form a seal around your penis. The pump then evacuates air from the unit. This lowers the air pressure, creating a vacuum effect. This sucks blood into the penis, allowing it to fill the space created by the air that has been removed.

Pumps are safe to use. Although they will not be medically prescribed for enlargement because the effect creates an erection they are often recommended as a treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Many who use pumps are satisfied with them and do see some enlargement as a result, although not everybody does. However, the effects are temporary. Once the pump is removed, blood flow will start to return to normal.

This is not immediate, so pumping can be effective if enlargement is only desired or needed for sex, but as our Proextender review shows, it is possible to get the effects permanently.


By far the most radical option, surgery is also the riskiest. Typically, doctors will not consider this option unless the patient’s penis is well below the normal range of penis size. It is an expensive option, with potentially harmful side effects and, despite all that, the results are best described as mixed.

There isn’t a single penis enlargement surgery. Instead, there are three different procedures that have different effects. The first two involve the use of fat cells from elsewhere in the body.

One is the injection of fat cells directly into the penis. This mainly increases the girth, although some patients see an increase in length. It is a delicate procedure that requires skill. It carries the risk of causing swelling and deformation, along with the usual risks of any surgery, like an infection.

In extreme cases, the complications have necessitated amputation.

A less intrusive method involves grafting fat cells onto the penis. This procedure has been found to be effective in the short term, with gains of up to one inch in length.

However, the gains can be short-lived. Typically, between 20% to 80% of the enlargement will be lost within a year, with many patients requiring multiple surgeries to get the effect they desire.

The final method is, arguably, purely cosmetic. Known as ligament release, it severs the ligament connecting the base of the penis to the pubic area. This changes the angle of the penis and allows it to hang lower and makes it appear longer, sometimes more than an inch longer when flaccid.

However, the effect on an erect penis is less desirable, the penis is not actually any longer or wider and, without the support of the ligament, many people find penetration more difficult. Satisfaction rates among both patients and their partners are very low.

Proextender and traction

The Proextender uses a different technique, known as traction. While this method takes some time (although initial results are seen quickly, the best results come from regular use over several months) it is convenient, discreet, and results in permanent enlargement.

The Proextender uses a technique that has been used throughout history on various body parts to change their size and shape. It is, effectively, penis stretching.

The technique is used medically to encourage growth, and a similar technique is used cosmetically to stretch earlobes for plugs. The concept is simple, parts of the human body will, when stretched and kept at tension, adapt and grow new tissue to that shape.

The science, essentially, is that because of the tension created, the natural process of mitosis — your cells dividing and multiplying — will create new tissue to reduce that tension. This new tissue enlarges your penis. But continuing the process and adding more tension over a longer period you can continue to add length and, with it, girth.

The benefit of using a Proextender and the traction technique is that it is stimulating a natural biological function, not relying on an artificially created vacuum or the surgeon’s knife. And because your body is creating the cells, it won’t be shedding them in the way the fat is removed following augmentation, or blood after pumping.

And, although penis stretching may seem a little scary, the tension involved is low. The Proextender is designed to be worn for hours at a time, and you will soon adapt to the gentle pulling sensation. After a short while, you may even forget you are wearing it.

The benefits of the Proextender reach everyday life as well as the bedroom. With no surgery, there’s no need to explain your absence from your work or social life, nor why you aren’t quite walking properly for a while! And while you can include a pump in foreplay, it’s going to be quite a stretch for most people to find it erotic.

Instead, the Proextender can be worn under your clothes without anyone noticing. You may already know men who use one without you even realizing it.

But the biggest benefit is that the Proextender is effective. Clinical studies have shown visible results after just two weeks. One trial showed that, after six months, the average penis gained 29% length and 19% more girth. And because it’s stimulating a natural process, there is no limit to the treatment. You continue using it until you have reached your desired size, then stop. The growth achieved will remain, with no side effects.

Proextender review: Conclusion

While this is a Proextender review, it’s important to consider the alternatives, although it’s hard to conclude that any other method of penis enlargement is better than Proextender.

Surgery carries significant risks and downsides, and patients themselves are less than satisfied with the outcomes. Even if you aren’t squeamish about surgery on your manhood, there are few situations in which this would be the best available option.

Pumping can have some benefits. While not every man sees enlargement, for those that do the results are almost immediate. However, the enlargement is short-lived and the pumping itself isn’t something that will feature in many men or women’s sexual fantasies. Although if there is also erectile dysfunction, pumping might a good option to consider.

Using traction with the Proextender has the benefit of stimulating a natural biological process, convenience, and permanent results. The Proextender uses medical-grade materials and is recommended by doctors in 29 different countries.

But the best recommendations come from the hundreds of men who have already used it and now feel the confidence and satisfaction that comes from having a longer, wider penis.

Try it! What have you got to lose?


(Perceived) size really does matter: Male dissatisfaction with penis size. Psychology of Men & Masculinity, 15(2), 225–228. – A review of penile elongation surgery

Proextender Review: The Best Way to Permanently Increase Penis Size?
proextender review

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