When is Gout Surgery Needed? Tips and Natural Remedies for Uric Acid

uric acid test

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Gout surgery is quite unusual and rarely prescribed by Doctors. However, it’s important to know all about it.

In today’s post, we’ll share some tips and natural remedies with you to better address and control this common ailment.

The causes of gout and high levels of uric acid result from the degradation of purines (components of certain proteins).

It has no use in the body, so it gets expelled through the urine.

But when the elimination is not optimal, or its production is very abundant, it accumulates in the joints.

Uric acid is a toxic waste product produced in:

gout surgery

What causes uric acid in the body and is gout surgery needed?

With more purines, uric acid levels increase. This is known as hyperuricemia. The longer hyperuricemia is maintained, the greater the possibility of developing gout.

What is the normal level of uric acid?

For men, the normal concentration of uric acid in the blood is 7 mg/dl.

And for women 6 mg/dl.

If uric acid accumulates in excess and in the form of “crystals” or “salts” (sodium urates), it begins to deposit in neighboring joints and tissues, which can lead to chronic arthritis (inflammation of these structures).

As a result, it presents:

  • Sudden pain in the affected region
  • And it usually causes pain in the big toe and continues up the leg, when arthritis begin

This disease, which usually occurs after age 35, can also be accompanied. At some point during its evolution, stones in the kidneys (renal uric lithiasis) can develop and affect these organs’ functionality.

High uric acid levels & symptoms

As we have already learned, the more purines in the body, the more uric acid levels in the blood.

That is when hyperuricemia occurs. And the longer hyperuricemia is maintained, the greater the possibility of generating gout.

A gout attack usually affects only one joint, but it can easily extend to other parts, such as:

  • Knees
  • Ankles
  • Feet
  • Wrists
  • Hands
  • Fingers, and
  • Elbows

Medical gout symptoms usually appear suddenly and severely. And cause:

  • Pain
  • Extreme sensitivity
  • Inflammation
  • Redness
  • Warmth

Symptoms are often developed at night and worsen within 24 to 36 hours.

Other symptoms may include:

  • Fever
  • Chills and shaking
  • General feeling of illness

Nutrition guidelines and a list of foods to avoid gout and uric acids

Several foods play a key role in uric acid levels to rise. This is due to their high purine content, causing the body to become saturated and cause problems.

The most advisable thing is to know which foods have a high uric acid and purine content so that we can exclude them from our diet and therefore prevent this painful pathology.

But which foods are they?

food avoid gout
  • Animal organs such as liver, kidneys, gizzards, etc.
  • Meats: All kinds of fatty meats such as lamb and ribs
  • Red Meats: Avoid them if you already have high uric acid levels and need to lower them
  • Sausages: We should not take any type of fatty sausage, since these foods trigger the levels of purine and uric acid in the body
  • Fish and shellfish: Any type of seafood should be excluded because of high uric acid content
  • Butter: We should also avoid this food to lower the levels of acid
  • Dairy: Milk and other dairy products
  • Sweets: It is essential to set aside all sweets, cakes, bauble, pastries and refined sugars.
  • Alcohol: Under no circumstances should alcohol be consumed
  • Fried Nuts: They don’t contain a lot of uric acid but it’s not advisable to consume them during the first few days

Now the good guys! Low purine foods, gout and UA friendly

  • Vegetables and salads: All kinds of vegetables and salads. We can consume them without problem since they do not contain purine or uric acid
  • Meats: Only low fat such as Ham, turkey, etc.

Why white fish is good and blue fish is not?

Whitefish differs from blue because of its fatty content; Whites have less fat than blues, and the latter contains a type of “heart-healthy” fat that is not present in the former.

Besides, purines abound much more in bluefish than in white. These purines come from the nucleus proteins of muscle cells transformed into uric acid when metabolized in the body.

Physical exercise can trigger and amplify the symptoms, so if you exercise regularly, make sure you don’t put a lot of load and stress on your routines. Keep ’em light.

What natural remedies exist?

Water: Drinking a lot of water will help the kidneys dissolve the crystals caused by excess uric acid.

Medicinal plants: Also, some purifying and hypouricemic medicinal plants can be of great help. Supplement capsules are also available and can help you with:

  • Cleansing the organism, and
  • Lowering the levels of uric acid in the body

Remember that our health is like a plant; we must water it every day to keep it in good condition.

Therefore, always remember to eat healthy foods. They are essential to avoid gout surgery and the pain that comes with it.

gout remedies and diet
When is Gout Surgery Needed? Tips and Natural Remedies for Uric Acid
uric acid test

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