Hepantix Supplement Review: A Milk Thistle Liver Detox Formula

hepantix supplement

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People often call the liver the body’s filter and, by cleaning out the blood that passes through it, the liver protects all your other organs from dealing with toxins and other impurities.

It’s crucial to make sure your liver isn’t only working but working the best it possibly can be. In service of this goal, many people take liver supplements.

That’s why today, we want to share with you this review about one of the leading liver detox formulas in the market today called Hepantix, made by our friends over at Natural Health Source.

What is Hepantix?

It’s a supplement that improves liver function by promoting cell regeneration. Its mixture of antioxidants, which includes milk thistle extract, artichoke extract, and others, are tailored to the needs of the specific cells in the liver.

A Canadian company called Natural Health Source, which has a number of all-natural products that boost everything from brainpower to sexual function, produces Hepantix.

The company makes Hepantix using vegetarian capsules, which don’t include any gelatin derived from animals. It fits in with their promise that all of its products are cruelty-free.

They make all of their products at American CGMP-certified facilities, which means they have acceptable manufacturing practices approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Why Use It?

The consequences of a liver that isn’t functioning properly can be felt all over the body. Just how severely the negative symptoms manifest themselves depends on how impaired one’s liver is.

The symptoms of poor liver function can range from abdominal pain to pain and swelling in the legs, nausea and vomiting, chronic fatigue, and many others.

The liver does much more than just ‘filter’ blood; it performs several vital functions that affect every part of the body. The liver produces proteins that are vital for the plasma in the blood, regulates blood flow to avoid clotting, and processes glucose.

When your liver functions better, whatever symptoms you’re experiencing will either disappear or drastically improve. However, there are also many positive effects of having a liver that’s working at the top of its game.

Another benefit comes down to the role of the liver in processing glucose. Glucose is another word for sugar, which provides us with a great deal of energy we use throughout the day. The better the liver is at dealing with sugars, the more consistent your energy will be.

Hepantix is a liver support supplement that helps your liver perform all of these functions to its full potential. When you have a healthy liver, you have a healthier life.

How Does Hepantix Work?

milk thistle liver detox

One of the primary functions that Hepantix takes advantage of is the ability to help cells regenerate within the liver, but this is only one of the three ways that it improves liver function.

Depending on the severity of your liver’s condition, it could take anywhere between four and six weeks to completely detoxify. Users with less severe conditions can expect to see results in as little as a week.

Let’s take a look at a few of the benefits that Hepantix offers when incorporated into your health routine.

Hepantix can help improve liver function by increasing the flow of bile through the liver. The artichoke extract in Hepantix is responsible for stimulating bile flow due to its medicinal qualities.

Bile is a yellowish-green liquid that helps your body digest foods. It’s produced in the liver and eventually flows to the small intestine.

The more bile that’s available in your body, the more thoroughly your body will be able to extract nutrients from the foods you eat. By freeing up the flow of bile, Hepantix causes your entire digestive system to work more efficiently.

This process offers additional benefits for the liver as well, as it helps the liver extrude toxins that have built up while filtering them out of the blood.

Another way that Hepantix improves liver function is by preventing harmful toxins from building up in the first place.

The antioxidants in the supplement counteract toxins and ensure that the liver can function without being impeded by them. These antioxidants also reduce the level of free radicals in your liver.

Free radicals are a complicated concept, but in simple terms, they are atoms on their own that don’t belong to a larger molecule.

Because of their properties, they’re always seeking another free radical to attach to in order to form a full molecule.

This powerful attraction can cause damage to cells, tissues, and your liver. Studies suggest that the more free radicals in your liver, the greater chance you have of developing hepatic fibrosis.

By adding Hepantix’s antioxidants to your routine, you may lower the number of free radicals in your system.

Finally, Hepantix contributes to the regeneration of cells in the liver. Cells, just like the living beings composed of them, have life spans. As they age and die, the process of regeneration replaces the dead cells.

Different types of cells have different lifespans. However, those in the liver have exceptionally short lifespans of between 300 and 500 days.

For that reason, it’s essential to take a liver supplement to help stimulate the creation of new cells in order to replace the old ones. Hepantix achieves that result.

Who Should Use Hepantix?

milk thistle liver detox

Anyone with a lifestyle or health condition that can potentially lead to an increased chance of liver malfunction, damage, or failure should consider taking a liver supplement.

People who use or abuse alcohol or drugs are constantly overworking their liver because it is responsible for filtering out the toxins in those substances.

This process leads to buildups of fatty tissues of the liver (even after only one or two days of substance abuse).

The excess of fatty tissue can then lead to Alcoholic Hepatitis and Cirrhosis, both of which are degenerative diseases. One can slow the progression of these diseases by managing substance abuse and incorporating the use of supplements such as Hepantix.

People with diabetes could also benefit from the use of Hepantix. The disease can have several of the same results as above, such as causing buildups of fatty tissue.

It is important to note that Hepantix is not a cure, so please speak with a physician before incorporating it into your diet.

Taking a liver supplement such as Hepantix can be used as a preventative measure, but as stated, it is not a cure to any specific type of disease.

By taking Hepantix and living a healthy lifestyle, you ensure that your liver operates at its full potential.

Always be sure to speak with your physician to see if Hepantix will interact with any of your current medications or conditions.

What Are the Active Ingredients in Hepantix?

milk thistle liver detox

The ingredients in Hepantix are natural compounds that have been used in traditional medicines for centuries. These compounds all have different properties. We will discuss them a little further below.

People have been using milk thistle, a plant native to the Mediterranean region, to improve liver function for over 2000 years.

In modern uses, the most potent part of the plant is extracted from the seeds and refined to make it even more reactive. Silymarin is the active chemical in milk thistle and is a mixture of several types of flavonolignans.

Folks at Natural Health Source, use a patented version of the compound called Siliphos in Hepantix. They designed it to be easier for the body to absorb than traditional milk thistle extracts.

Since more of the ingredient works its way into your liver’s cells, the compound’s regenerative and protective effects are more potent.

Artichoke extract is another naturally occurring compound that has a long history in medicine. Artichokes have many health benefits when eaten and taken in a purified form.

They are:

  • An antioxidant
  • Choleretic
  • Hepatoprotective
  • Lipid-lowering
  • Have bile-enhancing effects

The bile-enhancing properties of artichoke extract are what make it a powerful ingredient in Hepantix. By stimulating the flow of bile, it helps clean toxins out of the liver as well as improving digestion.

Outside of the liver, artichoke extract is also great at controlling levels of cholesterol in the body, which is an additional benefit of taking Hepantix.

The annoying plant from your lawn may have more benefits than you think. One of the main ingredients of Hepantix is dandelion root extract.

It turns out that they contain many compounds that are great for improving liver function. Both Chinese and Native American traditional medicine noticed these properties and utilized them to their benefit.

The dandelion root extract has exceptional regenerative properties, which significantly help speed up new cells’ creation. It’s also a diuretic, which helps to clean out and detoxify both the liver and the body as a whole.

Selenium is the most active ingredient in Hepantix for protecting your liver against the build-up of toxins. Unlike the other ingredients, it isn’t plant-based but is a mineral.

There’s only a small amount in each capsule, but it’s very powerful, so a little goes a long way. It has several uses aside from its detoxifying effects.

It also helps prevent heart disease and improves thyroid health. Some studies have even shown that it reduces the symptoms of asthma, though this is inconclusive.

The final active ingredient in Hepantix, Vitamin D, is the least obscure. Many people take Vitamin D supplements to boost their immune system, strengthen their bones, and improve their energy levels (especially during the cold winters without much sun).

Aside from its varying benefits, vitamin D is essential for ensuring that the liver doesn’t develop too much fatty tissue. Fat cells don’t contribute to the liver’s biological functions in the same way as normal cells.

Does Hepantix Have Any Support From Clinical Trials?

hepantix supplement

Medical researchers have studied all of the active ingredients in Hepantix, confirming that they are safe and productive.

Milk thistle liver detox extract is a remarkably well-researched, naturally occurring compound, evaluated in over 12,000 studies. The research surrounding artichoke extract isn’t as extensive, but studies of it have encouraged the idea that it can protect the liver.

Selenium is also well-known within the research community, with trials finding it drains toxins from the liver.

Finally, when considering Hepantix itself—i.e., the specific combination of these compounds—no clinical study has proven that it is unsafe or harmful to the body.

Because the compounds found in Hepantix are all-natural ingredients, there have been no reported adverse side effects when taking the supplement as instructed.

Purchasing Hepantix

You can purchase Hepantix online through different vendors, including their main platform, Natural Health Source.

The pricing of Hepantix varies depending on how many bottles of the product you order at once. A one-month supply will cost you more than a two-month supply.

If you are an avid fan of the product, purchasing a six-month or year’s supply of the product will get you the best deal.

If you’re a little worried about buying such a large quantity of a supplement you’ve never tried before, Natural Health Source offers a 67-day satisfaction guarantee.

hepantix supplement

During this period, you can mail back the supplements you haven’t taken and get a full refund if you are not satisfied with the results.

By offering a money-back guarantee and extended trial period, you can have peace of mind knowing that you won’t be wasting money on an ineffective product.

Each bottle offers 30 servings, which is nearly a month’s supply worth of product. The daily dosage requirements are two capsules, and you must be consistent with the usage in order to yield the best results.

Final Thoughts

The liver is a precious organ that plays an essential role in our body’s function.

It’s also an organ that has a tough job: taking care of all the toxins we ingest and working to filter them out.

When you put these two ideas together, it’s clear that your liver needs support throughout your lifetime.

This review has shown that Hepantix has the potential to protect the liver and improve its function. If you care about your liver and this product sounds interesting to you, give Hepantix a try.

hepantix supplement

Hepantix Supplement Review: A Milk Thistle Liver Detox Formula
hepantix supplement

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