How to Make CBD Essential Oil: The Ultimate Guide to CBD

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CBD essential oil: Cannabis, also known as marijuana, among many other names, is a herb (Cannabis sativa) native to Asia.

For over 5000 years has been used by different cultures around the world for religious, food, and medicinal purposes.

It was a habitual part of any medical kit in century XVI, mainly by its analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. Europeans only knew the psychoactive qualities of the plant in the 19th century.

The psychoactive product obtained from this plant is also known as cannabis or marijuana, and its consumption for a long time can produce addiction.

Between 9% and 30% of the people who consume it can present abstinence symptoms when trying to quit.

Due to the preoccupation by its potential risks, the use of cannabis began to be penalized in several countries and, in 1937, the USA prohibited the production of hemp and marijuana.

CBD essential oil- Background

How to Make CBD Essential Oil

In 1942 cannabis was removed from the American Pharmacopeia, and in 1951 it was included among the “narcotic drugs.” In most parts of the world, the use, possession, and sale of its preparations began to be considered illegal.

The American Medical Association considered that the tests used to demonstrate its harmful effects were insufficient and that the law demanded that its medical value was investigated more thoroughly.

Decades later, it was again considered a plant of therapeutic value when it was found to have useful properties to relieve the symptoms of some ailments (epilepsy, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, cancer, etc.) that don’t respond adequately to conventional medicines.

Thus, in the last decades, we have seen how the beliefs and attitudes towards marijuana have been changing towards its decriminalization.

While marijuana consumption remains illegal in most of the world, many governments are increasingly tolerant of its use.

Several countries in Europe and America, Australia, and several states of the USA have legalized its medicinal use and, in some cases, recreational use as well.

Legal regulation is different in each country, and there are both detractors and advocates of its decriminalization.

Active ingredients

How to Make CBD Essential Oil

The active ingredients of marijuana are denominated cannabinoids; about 113 are known and concentrated in the flowers. They are terpene-phenolic compounds of 21 carbon atoms and have been found only in cannabis.

The cannabinoids more known and studied is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol or tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the most psychoactive due to its classification as a “drug,” the cannabidiol (CBD), which does not have psychoactive effects, the cannabinol (CBN), and others whose effects are not very known yet.

While THC is used to treat the lack of appetite and glaucoma, the CBD has greater antitumoral, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory properties.

There are varieties of plants whose content is high in CBD and low in THC and are mostly used for medical purposes.

The cannabis plant contains tetrahydrocannabinol acid (THCA) in its raw and fresh state, then converted into THC.

The female cannabis plant flowers contain an amount of THC ten times higher than the leaves, while the stems and seeds have much lower levels.

CBD essential oil

The oil of marijuana or cannabis is mostly used for medicinal purposes due to its popularity in certain countries because of the propaganda to legalize it in the last years.

This oil is the resinous and sticky product obtained when eliminating the extracts’ solvent containing the flower’s cannabinoids (buds) of the plant and prepared with different solvents (butane, isopropyl alcohol, ethanol, or hexane).

Its content of THC and CBD can vary according to the variety of the plant and elaboration conditions. The extraction with ethanol is probably the oldest and most traditional technique.

Up until the ’50s, it was available in pharmacies under the name of “cannabis tincture.”

In countries where the use of cannabis is legal, you can find different types of oil depending on the cannabinoid that is in greater concentration. CBD oil has mainly cannabidiol that is not psychoactive, and is very useful in the cases of epilepsy.

THC oil has a much greater THC concentration, which is psychoactive but is useful to increase appetite, relieve pain, and discomfort from chemotherapy (nausea, vomiting, etc.).

How is CBD essential oil obtained?

Another product of marijuana is CBD essential oil, obtained by distillation with water steam of the plant’s flowers and superior leaves. Its chemical composition is different and is produced and distributed mainly in France and other European countries.

Hemp oil is obtained by cold pressing hemp seeds and is also different from cannabis oil. Although both oils are obtained from the same plant, they have a different chemical composition and uses.

The term hemp is used to refer to Cannabis sativa plants that contain minimal amounts of THC. Its oil has little medical value, and it is possible to find it even in countries where marijuana is illegal.

Hemp is a tall plant that is generally cultivated for industrial use in products like oils, ointments, clothes, fibers, and paper.

During the elaboration of medicinal oriented CBD essential oil, producers must consider as much the variety and the part of the plant being used.

As the extraction method guarantees the quality and content of the product’s active principles, it’s possible to establish with precision the dose and the type of cannabinoid that the patient is receiving according to the ailment to treat.

10 Benefits of CBD essential oil

How to Make CBD Essential Oil

People who suffer from stress and anxiety crises can take advantage of the properties of cannabis to lead a quieter life without shocks.

They can use it daily on their meals or apply some drops directly under the tongue, taking advantage of its effects without smoking the plant.

As previously mentioned, it is extremely effective whenever you want to relax, something that comes wonderfully well to fall asleep. If you have trouble falling asleep, give it a try!

Its effects are remarkable both in body and brain; the consumer will notice how it is increasingly difficult to keep your eyes open because the only thing you’ll want is to close them and let yourself go.

Cannabis oil counts on the presence of essential fatty acids more elevated than any other plant and appearing in a perfect proportion to facilitate its assimilation to the organism.

These fatty acids, known as Omega-3 and Omega-6, are responsible for carrying out various tasks related to cardiovascular health, such as improving the circulatory system’s flow, freeing the obstruction of veins and arteries, or protecting the cardiovascular system in general.

One of the main examples used in the campaign for the legalization of cannabis is its effectiveness against the symptoms caused by chemotherapy (dizziness, nausea, loss of appetite, etc.) against which this plant is particularly effective.

It has recently been discovered that it fights the symptoms of chemo and that THC is capable of slowing down the growth and even reducing the size of tumors, so used correctly, it could be used to fight tumor cancers.

Everyone who has tried cannabis at some time in his life knows that redness in the eyes is typical, which we now know we can use to fight this disease, which is responsible for the blindness of 80% of the current blind population.

THC has the ability to lower eye pressure, which prevents further damage to the eye nerve.

This disease happens because of high pressure in the eye; the ocular nerve is damaged, which causes loss of vision and blindness in the worst cases.

One of the most therapeutically used effects of cannabis is its capacity to stimulate hunger since it is spectacularly effective against eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia.

For other cases in which the consumer’s hunger disappears completely, as it can be in a patient of cancer who is put under chemotherapy, reducing its nausea and vomits.

Consumed in oil, you’ll be able to apply a few drops directly on your tongue about 30 minutes before each meal, allowing the THC to take effect and naturally stimulate hunger.

The capacity of cannabis to calm pain is something already more than known in all the world, and some users affirm that its effectiveness is even greater than the one of addictive drugs like Morphine or other opiates.

The endocannabinoid system of your own organism counts on thousands of receivers, which allows you to take advantage of the medicinal properties of the cannabis to the maximum, intensifying its effect and distributing it throughout the body.

In the same way that the endocannabinoid system can reduce the pain, it reduces neurons apoptosis, producing dopamine, the main cause of this disease.

It stimulates the production of these cells so that it not only slows their development but it is also capable of fighting the disease directly.

It’s still not a definitive remedy and cannot eliminate Parkinson’s, although it will reduce the severity of the seizures.

One of the most commercialized products with cannabis today are creams, which incorporate CBD essential oil due to its hydrating “skills” and relies on potent properties to fight the pain.

If you know how to make CBD essential oil at home, know that it has more properties than the oil contained in creams. This is because in most countries where it is marketed, THC is prohibited, so it is usually isolated.

**We’ll show you later on this article how to make CBD essential oil at home.

Homemade oil will concentrate all the power the plant has to offer to be extremely effective. Applied directly to the skin, it increases the cells’ longevity and stimulates new cells’ production. It also has a high moisturizing and disinfecting effect.

It is perfect for treating dry and very deteriorated skin, fighting skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis, or delaying the natural process of skin aging.

The psychoactive effect that THC offers, combined with the effect caused by other less predominant cannabinoids, is in charge of which many varieties (specially sativas) provide slight brain stimulation.

These strains can stimulate imagination, creativity, and even speech, reason why it is being studied as one of the best options to fight autism.

Applying it directly under the tongue will allow the possibility of offering it even to young children, thus, allowing them to fight with this syndrome from its first stages.

CBD essential oil still has more properties, some known and others yet to be discovered, if you want to learn how to make CBD essential oil on your own, don’t miss out on our recipe description below!

Used correctly could be one of the most used essential oils in medicine, although there is much to come unless the laws change.

How to make CBD essential oil

Olive oil is a product that we use daily in our diet because it is very healthy and brings us different benefits, but what if I talk to you about cannabis oil?

Cannabis oil is not a product still well known by people who don’t consume marijuana. Nevertheless, this is changing.

This is due to the impact that marijuana is reaching worldwide, for the incredible benefits it has and that can bring to your health if you know how to prepare correctly.

For this reason and so that everyone can enjoy its incredible benefits without having to smoke it, we will teach you how to prepare excellent CBD essential oil.

Ingredients can vary depending on the marijuana used, which can be THC-dominant or CBD-dominant. In any case, the recipe preparation does not vary.

Elaboration of homemade cannabis oil:

Before you start making it, it is essential to consider the marijuana that is going to be used.

How to Make CBD Essential Oil

As we have commented before, in this case, it is possible to use marijuana rich in THC, marijuana rich in CBD, or marijuana with the same percentage of THC and CBD.

If what you are looking for is elaborating oil that everybody can consume, you would use marijuana with high percentages of CBD and very low or almost no THC. This will isolate the risk of suffering any psychoactive effect.

To achieve this, you only have to cultivate varieties as Sweet Pure CBD of Sweet Seeds or Solodiol of Elite Seeds.

On the other hand, for those who look for an oil with all the properties of cannabis, together with its various psychoactive effects, the most advisable is to cultivate a variety rich in THC or a THC percentage higher than that of the CBD.

This way, you can elaborate an oil capable of relieving intense muscular pain, reducing epilepsy spasms, increasing appetite, treating insomnia problems, etc.

Also, because it is in oil, its consumption is not inhaled, which makes it even healthier and safer.

To make CBD essential oil, you will need the following ingredients and materials:

  • 500-700 ml of extra virgin olive oil
  • 20-25 gr of dry and cured marijuana
  • 1-Kitchen thermometer
  • 1-Kitchen spatula
  • 1 large pot (3 to 5 L)
  • 1 Small Pot (1 L)
  • 1-Marijuana grinder
  • 1-Coffee filter
  • 1-Fine mesh strainer
  • 1-Glass container with lid
  • 5 L-Bottled water

making oil

This first recipe is the simplest of all since it does not involve any complex elaboration. All it’s needed is a little patience and the use of high-quality marijuana.

  1. Wash the marijuana in hot water (clean and decarbonize the marijuana at the same time). It can also be decarboxylated in the oven.
  2. Prepare a glass container with sufficient capacity for the oil that you are going to elaborate.
  3. Introduce enough extra virgin olive oil in the container so it can macerate with the marijuana of your choice. Remember that it can be rich in CBD, rich in THC, or both.
  4. Introduce about 20-25 gr of dry, cured, and uncrushed marijuana.
  5. Let it macerate in a dark, dry place for a couple of weeks and stir from time to time so that the marijuana releases its components.
  6. After the time has elapsed, it should be ready for use or consumption.
  7. Don’t remove the marijuana from the glass container.
  8. If the mixture is too powerful, then deposit the content in a new glass container and add ¼ part of extra virgin olive oil to soften the effect. Shake vigorously and leave it to rest in the dark for a couple of days so that it sets perfectly.
  9. The hemp oil is now ready to be used sublingually, topically, or as a food supplement.

For this second recipe, you’ll need to take all the listed materials (above). Make sure to put on your apron and cook like real professionals.

1- Put the marijuana to boil

Put the marijuana in a large pot, add water to cover the marijuana, and put it on the stove. Once it starts boiling, lower the heat a little and keep it that way for 10 minutes stirring from time to time.

2- Strain the marijuana

Once the 10 minutes have elapsed, it’s time to strain the water using the fine mesh strainer. Pour the contents into the strainer and, without pressing, let the water drain completely.

Repeat this process, boiling the weed again, until the water comes out more or less clean (3 washes approx).

3- No water

After the straining process is complete, you have to make sure it loses as much water as possible.

To avoid losing Cannabinoids along the way, the idea is to cover an area with unscented kitchen paper and place the washed marijuana remains on top. This way, the paper will absorb the water without needing to press the vegetal mass.

Note: the purpose of this process is to ensure the marijuana is free of dust, plagues, chemical products, mineral rest, and chlorophyll.

There is no problem in making this process since marijuana is hydrogen, the reason why Cannabinoids are not lost.

4- Add the extra virgin olive oil

Once the marijuana is completely free of unwanted residues and you have extracted all the possible water out of it, it’s time to place the vegetal mass in the small pot and add the extra virgin olive oil you have previously chosen for the occasion.

5- The bain-marie

The process of bain-marie allows cannabis to release all its Cannabinoids in the oil. First, you must prepare the bain-marie by filling it with water; then, introduce the small pot with the mixture of oil and marijuana inside it.

And finally, you must ignite the fire until the water (bain-marie) starts to boil.

6- Duration of the bain-marie

Once the water in the big pot is boiling, you can say that the process of mixing the Cannabinoids and the oil has begun.

For the dissolution of the Cannabinoids to be complete, you have to keep the mixture in a bain-marie for two or three hours, stirring from time to time.

To execute this process perfectly, you must keep the mixture at a temperature of 212°F. To do this, you will use the kitchen thermometer.

7- Bottling

After the bain-marie process has been done, the resulting liquid must be left to cool in the same pot. Once it has cooled down, it is time to strain the mixture, only this time, you will use the coffee filter instead.

Do this carefully and very slowly, making sure that no grass falls into the filtered oil. You now have fantastic homemade CBD essential oil ready.

8- Preserving cannabis oil

Once your oil is ready, you have to keep it in a dark and cool place. In this way, the Cannabinoids will be preserved for a much longer period of time.

How is CBD oil taken?

salad dressing

The best way to take this fantastic oil is raw. Because if it’s used to fry any kind of food, it will lose all the properties of cannabinoids because of the high temperatures.

For that reason, it is best using it as salad dressing or with fresh cold foods.

For people looking for a natural remedy to relieve their muscle problems or ailments, it is an excellent option to use it as an oil for rubbing or massage oil for relaxing, soothing, therapeutic, deep tissue, and reflexology.

If you are going to use it for this type of massage, you can also add to the mixture any other essences with beneficial properties, such as lavender or rosemary, among many others.

In the case of wanting to use it as a direct remedy, the ideal is to do it sublingually.

To do this, you have to drop several drops under the tongue with an eyedropper and spread them little by little all over your mouth until you decide to swallow them.

In this way it is more direct, and therefore, much better for medicinal means.

How to make CBD essential oil: Precautions and safety

Before consuming this oil, whether occasionally or daily, you must first perform several tests or trials to find out how powerful it is.

To do so, we recommend starting by ingesting 1 or 2 drops directly and waiting several hours to see if the effects produced are slight, moderate, or intense.

If the oil is too powerful or more powerful than desired, adding 1/4 more of the same virgin olive oil is enough to balance the power. Carry out this operation as many times as you think convenient.

When making this type of oil, extreme care must be taken when using it. For this reason, it should be perfectly labeled so that you know at all times what type of oil you are using.

Another precaution to take is with children. If you don’t label it properly and don’t keep it in a place away from their curiosity, you may have a slightly unpleasant situation.

For this reason, you must always keep the oil labelled and kept away from children.

cbd essential oil

How to Make CBD Essential Oil: The Ultimate Guide to CBD

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