Natural Headache Remedies: 4 Infallible Tips

Natural Headache Remedies

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Natural headache remedies come in handy whenever migraines and headaches attack. These conditions can result from various situations of stress, nervousness, and/or mental fatigue.

They can also occur after starting the intake of new medications; or even by internal imbalances that are externalized with such pain.

What is the difference between a headache and a migraine?

I’ve personally suffered from this for quite a while now. Through trial and error, I have found what works best to control it whenever it strikes me.

I did some digging as to why it happens and the main differences between these two conditions>>

Let’s check it out:

Migraines are headaches associated with an insufferable throbbing pain commonly located in a single part of the head.

The pain is so intense that it can even cause vomiting and discomfort in the eyes caused by light. Specifically, it is a process that blocks us between 6 and 48 hours.

Best Home Remedy Migraines

In both cases, the situation is uncomfortable and annoying enough not to let us continue with our usual life pace.

So what are the 4 natural headache remedies to help with this condition? Keep reading!

Cluster headaches triggers

Previously, we have commented on the possible causes of headaches and migraines. Below, we show you the specific causes from which our headaches and migraines can be derived.

The latter comes from an abnormal brain activity, which derives from alterations of the nerve pathways and surrounding tissues.

The main causes, like headaches, may be due to:

  • Tension
  • Liver problems
  • Hormonal changes. For example, menstruation and even the use of birth control pills.
  • Vision problems from working many hours in front of the computer increase the chances of migraines and headaches
  • Bad nutrition. And even certain foods such as cocoa, dairy products, as well as foods containing tyramine (such as red wine, cured cheese, fish, chicken livers, figs, etc.)
  • A day of much stress
  • Changes in sleep cycles
  • Skipping breakfast in the morning
  • Sun exposure for an extended period of time. Bright lights, strong smells, loud noises, etc.

As for which gender suffers more headaches, it usually affects women more often. Normally, at a younger age.

It’s important to note that hereditary factors have a lot of weight in the appearance of migraines.

Natural headache remedies -The 4 infallibles:

natural headache remedies

1- Ginger: Possibly the most natural pain reliever

Ginger is considered the most natural pain reliever there can be. It is great without a doubt for migraines. You can consume it infused as tea. We show you how:

  • Boil water, add peeled and chopped ginger (the thinner, the better), and let it stand for a few minutes
  • Then you strain the ginger and drink by taking small sips. Note how taking “small sips” helps you dissipate headaches and migraines.

Mint: Peppermint is an excellent sedative.

You can make infusions or use it as neck oil; this technique is greatly used to relax and release tension. Also, inhaling mint vapor, which is very effective!

Lavender, Melissa, and Tila

Lavender, lemon balm, and lime have a very appropriate sedative action. We recommend that you combine and ingest them every five hours.

Gradually, you will see how your headache and migraines improve.

Cat’s Claw

Cat’s claw is ideal for migraines and makes one of the best cluster headache remedies out there; it can deflate and soothe the pain. That’s why it deserves a spot on this natural headache remedies list.

Lavender Oil

natural headache remedies

Finally, lavender oil can be applied to the forehead with a cloth. Actually, it is an ancient remedy to relieve headaches and migraines.

2- Eat well to avoid headaches and migraines

The benefits of Vitamin B2

Research conducted by the University of Belgium concluded that all foods that include vitamin B2 significantly reduce headaches and migraines.

But where can we find it? Those containing riboflavin are sardines, lentils, salmon, sea bass, mushrooms, etc.

The properties of Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is necessary to increase serotonin, which prevents the onset of pain.

You can find it in cod, tuna, trout, baked potatoes (with skin), broccoli, asparagus, turnips, whole grains, sunflower seeds, bran, and more.

The benefits of magnesium

Magnesium is indispensable. According to various studies, magnesium production is blocked when we suffer stress, which leads directly to physical pain and headache.

And where can we find magnesium? Take note!

In brewer’s yeast, sunflower seeds, nuts, brown rice, dried chestnuts, etc.

You can also find magnesium in capsules as supplements that can help you prevent headaches and migraines.

3- Foods you should avoid

To avoid headaches and migraines, we recommend you consume the following foods and beverages that are listed below to a lesser extent:

Sugary drinks, chocolates, red wine, cured meats, aged cheeses, tomato sauce, dressings, marinades, sausages, stimulating drinks, cow’s milk, etc.

In conclusion, we also recommend that you include an hour of exercise in your daily life: cycling, walking, whatever you like the most!

Slow down a little bit, breathe and relax more often. We recommend this because migraines are very associated with the stress factor, and sometimes it is important to stop and relax.

4- Food guidelines you can follow for a day to prevent and/or relieve headaches and migraines.

To avoid headaches and migraines, as we have seen, it is important to eat healthy foods. Therefore, we give you some tips for the different times of the day:

  • Fasting: a squeezed lemon juice helps to cleanse the body
  • At breakfast: a cup of oatmeal and a piece of fruit is ideal
  • For lunch: a vegetable broth, fresh salad, and salmon
  • Dinner time: steamed vegetables, a whole grain sandwich, and a cup of oatmeal with almond milk
  • Before going to sleep: a fresh apple and an infusion (such as ginger)

Also, don’t forget to drink a lot of water. This will prevent you from becoming dehydrated, especially if you have vomited from the pain of migraines or feel very dizzy from the headache.

Now that you have the 4 infallible principles for headache remedies, you should say goodbye to this annoying pain.

natural headache remedies
Natural Headache Remedies: 4 Infallible Tips
Natural Headache Remedies

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