Flax Seeds Benefits for Skin Health, and Much More…

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In today’s article, we will discuss how flax seeds benefits can contribute to your diet’s overall skin health and diet. A complete food whose properties will surprise you. Take note!

I’m sure you’ve already heard about superfoods, which are known to be very high in nutritional value.

Their high concentration of antioxidants, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals makes them very attractive.

One of the foods that rank high on this list is flax seeds (flaxseed).

These little guys possess great potential for dietary fiber, which makes them the richest vegetable source in Omega 3. (And this is just one of the many benefits these golden seeds can offer you).

Flax seeds: a must-have in your kitchen

flax seeds health benefits top 10

Your pantry needs to have these seeds just as a wardrobe needs its jeans. These small granites have become a staple for food in recent years, both for celebrities and mortals.

The variants of seeds are multiple, and the benefits of many of them are countless. But today, we will focus on this new small golden talisman, flax seeds, to add to your dishes.

Perhaps talking about seeds may sound like a synonym for boring and insipid foods. It’s normal to have this idea.

Therefore, before telling you about the benefits of flax seeds, we want to show you how you can include them in your diet in the most delicious ways.

Although not as popular as chia seeds, flax seeds are a new trend in food because of their many properties. These small natural elements are very rich in both fiber and Omega 3 fatty acids. They are a superfood.

Amazing flax seeds health benefits

The elements that contribute to the 10 benefits listed below are as follows:

  • Great source of omega 3 (75%) and omega 6 (25%) polyunsaturated fatty acids
  • Digestive enzymes: These facilitate digestion and promote intestinal transit
  • Vitamins: E and B
  • Minerals: Iodine, iron, zinc, magnesium, calcium, potassium, manganese, silicon, copper, nickel, phosphorus, and chromium, among others

1. Controls cholesterol

High contents of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids can help control cholesterol levels. It’s important to monitor the balance of fats in the blood to prevent cardiovascular problems.

In addition to flaxseeds, more foods help control cholesterol. You can read more here.

2. Improves digestion thus supporting weight loss

Another of its components is digestive enzymes. This helps regulate intestinal transit. Good digestion is key to absorb the nutrients provided by food efficiently and preventing intestinal problems.

Also, keep in mind that light digestion favors weight loss. Thanks to its high amounts of soluble fiber, flaxseeds can help you reduce fat in your body.

3. Relieves constipation

The composition of flax seeds possesses a high level of fiber. Because of this, it helps purify the body, eliminating accumulated toxins that aren’t necessary.

Its high amount of fiber also helps prevent and reduce constipation. In addition, flax seeds are considered excellent purifiers.

4. Glucose levels

flax seeds health benefits

Scientific studies conducted at the University of Stanford in California have revealed that fiber helps reduce blood sugar levels and prevents diabetes.

Glucose is the body’s main source of energy, but maintaining proper levels is important.

Therefore, it’s advisable to include foods such as flax seeds in your diet.

5. Flax seeds benefits for skin

Other studies at the same University have indicated that flaxseed oil, due to its high Omega 3, reduces dermatological problems such as psoriasis or eczema.

In addition to this, an oil made with flax seeds is a perfect ally to hydrate your skin. Ideally, you should apply it every night and let it act while asleep.

Remember that each skin reaction can be different, so you should consult the dermatologist before starting treatment.

6. Silky hair

Dandruff can be a problem, both physically and aesthetically. Flaxseed oil helps to soothe and gradually decrease dandruff.

Before lathering the scalp with shampoo, you must apply a couple of drops and massage the head.

Bear in mind that the head is a delicate area, so again, check with your dermatologist beforehand.

7. Physical energy

Regular consumption of flaxseeds helps increase vitality and energy. A good way to provide your body with an extra kick is to incorporate flax seeds into breakfast or even your morning smoothies.

8. Natural aphrodisiac

Studies carried out in Germany showed that flaxseed oil is a natural aphrodisiac. If the passion has died out in your partner, you can rekindle it with a linseed oil massage; the aroma will envelop and relax you.

9. Anti-stress

flax seeds health benefits

Infusions can also be made with ground flaxseeds, these help reduce the tension and stress accumulated throughout the day.

It is recommended to take the infusion a few hours before going to sleep. This way, you will feel more relaxed and start your next day with more energy.

10. Antioxidant

Flax seeds have a high content of Vitamin E. The vitamins in this group are a powerful antioxidant in charge of fighting lipid-soluble free radicals; that is, it helps protect fatty acids and protect the body from forming toxic molecules.

More and more superfoods

In recent years, superfood trends seemed to have no end. Flaxseeds is one of them, of course. But, remember that although this particular food has very remarkable benefits, there are no miracles!

The best you can do for your body is maintain a healthy diet rich in fresh foods: vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, seeds, etc.

How are flax seeds consumed?

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Due to their versatility, we can introduce these seeds into many foods. There are many recipes where you can add flax seeds quickly and easily.

For example, you can mix yogurt with fruit at breakfast and sprinkle a handful of flax seeds on top. For lunch or dinner, you can add flaxseeds to your salads and even mix them with other nuts like walnuts. We love them!

In addition to following a balanced diet and incorporating foods such as flax seeds, physical exercise is still crucial. If you have not yet dared to wear your sports shoes, now it’s the best time. You can do it!

flax seeds health benefits
Flax Seeds Benefits for Skin Health, and Much More…

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