Guayusa Tea Benefits & Uses

guayusa benefits

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Guayusa it’s a natural energizer with twice as many antioxidants as green tea. Other guayusa benefits include anti-aging properties and a more potent energy shot than coffee that slowly releases throughout the day.

The indigenous communities of the Amazon have been consuming this ancestral food for hundreds of years for its fabulous therapeutic qualities.

Guayusa is an unparalleled anti-aging and energizing ingredient; now you’ll see why. We tell you all about what this superfood can do for your health.

Guayusa benefits: Ancestral tradition

The guayusa infusion was the favorite breakfast drink of the Ecuadorian Natives; they not only drank it for its energetic power, but it was also part of ceremony gatherings with friends and family.

Also, hunters used this ancestral herb to keep their minds active and not fall asleep when hunting. Guayusa tea also helped them to satisfy their hunger.

Nowadays, we don’t necessarily go out hunting to survive; but we lead a busy and hectic lifestyle between family, work, and other activities.

Therefore, incorporating guayusa tea into the diet will be quite beneficial for your body. And by the way, it can serve as a nice excuse to preserve the ancestral tradition and drink it with the family while telling stories and anecdotes.

Guayusa properties

guayusa benefits

Guayusa belongs to the same family as yerba mate, is a plant native to Ecuador, and is very similar to green and white tea. This famous plant has been used to make traditional beverages in many South American regions for hundreds of years.

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Infusions are rich in caffeine (3%) and alkaloids. In the Amazon, guayusa was already used in ancient times as a natural energizer to keep up the pace of daily life, gathering and hunting.

It is a great source of vitamins, such as Vitamin C or D, and minerals such as magnesium, calcium, zinc, and potassium.

Again, guayusa has as much or more caffeine than coffee, and it gradually releases caffeine into the bloodstream. Hence, it provides energy for longer and not abruptly—a way of dosing strength and not having to resort to more than one cup.

With twice as many antioxidants as green tea (which is one of the plants with the most antioxidants) makes it rich in polyphenols, carotenoids, and quercetin.

It has a great anti-aging effect preventing premature cellular aging. It fights damage caused by free radicals resulting from pollution exposure, stress, or tissue deterioration by diseases such as cancer.

Guayusa is also attributed with antimicrobial properties and has long been used to alleviate gum problems.

How to take guayusa

The traditional preparation is to infuse guayusa leaves and drink it hot. In addition to comforting the body, it will bring vigor and energy during the day, so it is good to take it at breakfast.

It can also be taken as a cold infusion, leaving it cool in the refrigerator once infused.

Besides adding sweeteners such as stevia, coconut sugar, or agave syrup to the infusion, you can also mix it with other superfoods to enhance its health benefits.

For example, you can combine guayusa with camu-camu, baobab, flax, or chia seeds. Mix them in smoothies, yogurt, pancake batter, juices, etc.

You can combine guayusa with a depurative herb to enhance the diuretic effect, add cinnamon when boiling or mix it with relaxing infusions.

Try not to use too much, as it contains caffeine. It is not advisable to abuse guayusa because it can cause sleep disturbances, tachycardia, anxiety, or headaches.

Guayusa benefits: Summary

guayusa benefits

Guayusa differs from these infusions because it offers a balance of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and caffeine without the adverse effects usually caused by caffeine-containing beverages.

The use of this herb is something dire for the Ecuadorian indigenous people. Their “ritual” is based on getting up at 3 am to prepare and drink it with the elders.

It is a moment of tradition in which the grandparents take the opportunity to teach the younger members about values, the essence of life, and survival techniques.

In much of the world, the existence of guayusa is unknown. However, this herb has been part of Ecuador’s culture and economy for more than 2,000 years. It is cultivated on small farms by local farmers.

Its cultivation and harvest are a source of rural employment; good quality guayusa is grown in Ecuador’s natural forests by traditional farmers as the plant does not reproduce naturally.

  • Effective antioxidant: it is rich in antioxidants that have the ability to absorb free radicals
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals: besides containing magnesium, calcium, zinc, potassium, and vitamins D and C; it is also rich in chlorogenic acids, which help improve cardiovascular health
  • Stimulant: it is not only known for its caffeine but also contains stimulants such as methylxanthine and theophylline, substances that can also be found in green tea and dark chocolate.
  • Energizer: Energy drinks have been highly valued but are very harmful to our body. However, our ancestors have used guayusa as a natural energizing drink to activate the mind and hunt for hundreds of years.

Making guayusa tea is very easy and is not very different from the preparation of any infusion. You only need to heat water; however, you must be very careful not to let it boil to not lose its properties.

Now that you know all about guayusa and its benefits, don’t hesitate to grab a pack if you ever come across it. Enjoy!

guayusa benefits

Guayusa Tea Benefits & Uses
guayusa benefits

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