Weight Loss Resistance: Are You a Victim?


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Are you a victim of weight loss resistance? The process of losing weight should be easy in theory. However, you may often face complications that prevent this from happening when you look at the scale in the real world.

If this is your case, there is a high probability that you are making some common mistakes.

The motivation to start a healthy lifestyle is immense, as people reference the amazing results with drastic changes in sizes.

However, certain cases of weight loss resistance are the most frequently evidenced. But why do these problems occur?

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The truth is that it is not enough with a constant diet and exercise, since it is necessary to take care of a greater number of details and to be attentive to mistakes.

In that sense, if you continue reading, you will discover the main reasons why losing weight can become quite complicated sometimes.

Weight loss resistance causes

weight loss resistance

The resistance to losing weight is often due to the accumulation of factors that we will explain below.

To this end, they do not usually occur in isolation. In short, if the goal is to stop being frustrated at each new visit to the scales, it is recommended to pay attention to the following factors.

The importance of water for the body is well known. However, healthy routines can overlook the basics to focus on points that are considered more complex.

Generally speaking, between 1.5 and 2 liters of water per day are required. But, of course, depending on weight, height, age, and activity, adjustments will have to be made to the total amount.

Beyond this, weight loss resistance occurs because dehydration affects fat burning in the body. Therefore, lipolysis during exercise will not be as efficient without drinking the necessary amount of water.

Maintaining hydration during weight loss plans is something that can easily be neglected and has negative repercussions.

When dieting, priority is given to concepts such as reducing calories ingested. And although it is important, it should not be the only thing you evaluate to lose weight.

For example, you should pay attention to the body’s reaction to certain dietary measures.

Eating every 3 or 4 hours can be negative if, in addition, processed products are part of the diet in a disorganized way.

Thus, if the balance between hunger and satiety is not in the right measure, the body may interpret that it requires greater energy conservation to keep the fat.

Emotional stress is another barrier to weight loss resistance. Why? Because it is accompanied by energy-saving due to survival instinct.

On the other hand, food is often used to curb those uncomfortable feelings that disturb us, causing us to eat more than indicated and at any given time.

Some medications alter the body’s response to weight reduction.

Therefore, if you are receiving any treatment associated with depression, diabetes, or high blood pressure, a visit to a doctor will be decisive so that there is no incompatibility with physical conditioning.

weight loss resistance

Weight loss resistance can come after a major change. After overcoming the first stage and noticing a better figure, stagnation appears.

This situation is usually the result of insufficient physical activity.

If the previous training routine worked before to achieve substantial changes, a higher intensity adjustment is likely required so that the physical evolution does not stop.

According to a study published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine, sleeping 8 hours a day improves eating behaviors and helps maintain desired body weight.

Resting below the minimum recommended hours causes cortisol levels to rise, which has two main effects on weight loss resistance: increased hunger and a deficit of regenerative hormones. Both converge in the accumulation of body fat.

Last but not least, another important reason that may make you a victim of weight disorders it’s the consumption of alcohol during the diet.

In fact, even outside the diet, excessive drinking also has negative consequences.

In terms of weight, we find that alcohol has the necessary calories (1 gram of has more than 7.07 calories) to collapse in a short time your dieting efforts.

Alcohol is a caloric beverage, in addition to affecting liver function, which complicates weight loss.

Mental Health

weight loss resistance

No matter what, try not to get too obsessed with your weight loss results, and don’t freak out if they don’t seem to work.

In fact, it should serve as motivation to change those bad habits that are responsible in the first place.

Some additional considerations that can complement the 7 reasons mentioned above are the following:

  • Consider practicing intermittent fasting
  • Know your homeostatic threshold
  • Don’t forget to vary your workout routines
  • Don’t get distracted while eating
  • Avoid drinking fruit juices and soft drinks

Likewise, taking care of your mental health is the first step that leads to physical changes.

Change and find your ideal weight! As long as your mind is clear and healthy, aligning the rest of the factors will not be unattainable.

Leptin resistance: what it is and how it works

We cannot talk about weight loss resistance without bringing up leptin. This is a hormone that is directly involved in the control of satiety, among many other functions.

Hormones are substances secreted by specialized glands that regulate multiple functions in the body. Leptin is a protein that is mainly formed in the body’s adipose tissue.

It can also be secreted in the liver, placenta, and gastric mucosa. Once released, leptin passes into the bloodstream and acts as a signal to the brain.

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This hormone is mainly related to intake. When you finish eating, it is in charge of warning the brain that you are satiated and, consequently, you will lose your appetite.

When you eat abundantly, its levels in the bloodstream remain elevated for a longer period of time. The same happens during pregnancy because it is essential for the baby’s development, as you will see below.

Leptin levels in people with normal weight are around 18 ng/ml, with higher levels in women than men. When you gain weight, you can reach up to 30 ng/ml.

What is leptin?

leptin resistance

Appetite and satiety are controlled by a brain region called the hypothalamus. Its structure is the arcuate nucleus stimulated by leptin and will release chemicals capable of inhibiting or inducing the sensation of hunger.

For example, when you have eaten abundantly, leptin reaches the arcuate nucleus. This sends signals to other structures to stop neuropeptide Y secretion.

This measure will decrease your appetite and increase internal energy expenditure.

When genetic disorders involve the lack of this hormone, people tend to suffer morbid obesity from an early age.

  • Leptin levels are related to insulin levels. Insulin is a hormone released by the pancreas in response to an increase in blood sugar content, for example, after a meal
  • Its secretion promotes the transfer of glucose from food from the blood to the tissues. It has been observed that leptin inhibits insulin secretion and activates the use of fat for energy

Other functions of leptin

Although the best-known function is regulating the amount of adipose tissue and appetite, this hormone is involved in many other metabolic processes.

Angiogenesis is the formation of new blood vessels from existing ones. It is a normal phenomenon during embryonic development, growth, and tissue healing.

It appears that leptin stimulates angiogenesis by stimulating cell division.

It has recently been observed that the increase in body fat experienced by females at the onset of puberty is indicated by a similar concentration of leptin.

In addition, leptin stimulates the synthesis of gonadal steroids that initiate the development of the reproductive tract.

Some scientists propose to use this hormone as an indicator of the onset of pubertal development.

This hormone is produced in the placenta; its values increase in maternal blood, especially in the second trimester, and decrease after delivery.

Some research suggests that leptin may act as a growth factor during pregnancy. It may also signal an adequate supply of nutrients from the mother to the fetus.

Leptin activates immune system cells and promotes inflammation. That way, the virus or bacteria that is attacking the body will be eliminated more quickly.


Leptin regulates energy homeostasis, neuroendocrine function, and metabolism. Deficiency of this hormone is a clinical syndrome associated with obesity, hypothalamic amenorrhea, and lipoatrophy.

Obese people often develop leptin resistance. Their levels are high, but their brain cannot recognize the hormone’s signal to stop eating.

Most leptin supplements don’t contain the hormone but a mixture of nutrients that can improve leptin sensitivity. Such is the case with the popular LEPTITOX.

However, research demonstrating their efficacy for weight loss is lacking. Making positive dietary and lifestyle changes is a much more effective way to improve leptin sensitivity and promote weight loss.

weight loss resistance

Weight Loss Resistance: Are You a Victim?

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