What is Noom Diet Plan About?

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What is Noom diet plan? All there is to know, next

According to its creators, the noom diet plan is not a diet but a lifestyle because it focuses on nutritional habits changes. This sums up what the noom diet is all about.

To carry it out, they developed an application called Noom that you can download to your mobile phone or tablet, which provides the following:

  • Educational information and weekly challenges on nutritional topics, stress management, goal setting, and healthy habit formation
  • Tools so you can track your progress by recording your meals, exercise regimen, and body weight
  • A virtual training team, including a targeting specialist, a coach, and a support group
  • Biometric tracking that monitors blood sugar and blood pressure

How does the Noom diet work?

Like any other diet, the noom diet plan proposes weight loss through calorie restriction. This occurs when a person consumes fewer calories than they burn per day.

Noom estimates the number of calories needed per day based on your gender, age, height, weight, and answers to a series of questions about daily habits.

From there and depending on your goals and availability, Noom uses its algorithm to create an estimate of the calories you need daily. This is called a caloric budget.

However, for security reasons and proper nutrition, the noom application cannot assign less than 1,200 calories a day to women or 1,400 to men.

On the other hand, Noom also encourages the registration of your food and daily weighing. According to different experts, there are two self-control behaviors associated with weight loss and long-term maintenance.

Does the Noom diet help you lose weight?

The truth is that any calorie restrictive diet will make you lose weight if you follow it with good behavior. However, health experts say staying true to a diet like this is very difficult for many people.

Although we don’t have any studies yet that compare the results of this diet with other similar ones, we do have information on Noom users.

In any case, further research is needed in this regard.

On 36,000 Noom users, it was found that 78% experienced weight loss while using it for 9 months, with 23% of them experiencing more than 10% loss of their initial weight.

Also, they found that those who used their food log and weighed daily had better results.

Noom diet benefits

what is noom diet plan

1. Focuses on nutritional and caloric density

Noom’s weight loss system emphasizes caloric density. A measure of how many calories a food or drink provides relative to its weight or volume.

The system categorizes each food in different colors based on its concentration of calories and nutrients.

Calorie-dense foods contain more of them in small portions, while those low in caloric density have fewer calories in large foods.

In general, diets that lead to less appetite and weight loss have more low-calorie foods like fruits and vegetables.

2. Every food is allowed

By restricting entire food groups, all you do is produce eating disorders or obsessive behavior around food.

For this reason, Noom takes the opposite perspective and offers flexibility by not banning any food.

There are 2 reasons for this approach:

For realistic reasons, desserts and delicacies are difficult to keep away for a long time because calorie-dense products like walnuts possess important nutrients for the body.

Additionally, the Noom system determines which foods and recipes are appropriate for you based on your allergies or intolerances.

3. Promote behavioral changes

The path to good health is about losing weight and adopting new healthy habits that last for a long time.

Without these changes, it would be impossible to maintain any diet regimen results, which is what happens to many people.

Noom diet plan: Conclusion

In most cases, people lose hope when a diet doesn’t work, but the reality is that you can only experiment until you find the one that works for you.

For this reason, Noom equips you with the best tools so that you can go through your life with better habits and the necessary education so that you don’t make the same nutritional mistakes in the future.

noom diet plan benefits
What is Noom Diet Plan About?

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