Cellulite Massage, Exercises and Natural Remedies

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Getting rid of this problem with a natural cellulite massage and treatments will also require adopting an adequate diet and special exercises.

These practices must be maintained so that cellulite does not arise after it’s been eliminated.

The first step is to identify the degree of cellulite you have and where it’s located. Take photos to compare how the skin evolves once the treatment is started.

It’s normal for women to have various degrees of cellulite on the buttocks and the back of the thighs.

Cellulite grades

cellulite massage

Cellulite grade 1

This one can be observed when the skin is pressed. It can be treated at home with a weekly exfoliation with coffee grounds and the application of cellulite creams.

To make this particular treatment, mix coffee grounds with a little liquid soap. Rub the areas with cellulite, using quick circular movements.

This helps activate local blood circulation and drains excess fluids, helping to eliminate cellulite.

Cellulite grade 2

This grade is characterized by slight ripples on the skin when women are standing; it can be treated with weekly *lymphatic drainage sessions.

This technique will help eliminate excess fluids that favor the appearance of cellulite.

<<Lymphatic drainage is a gentle, rhythmical massage treatment performed by a specially trained therapist. It stimulates the circulation of lymph fluid around the body. This helps to rapidly speed up the removal of wastes and toxins from a sluggish lymphatic system>>

Cellulite grade 3

Grade 3 is characterized by small holes in the skin while women are standing. This grade can be treated with aesthetic treatments such as:

  • 3 Mhz ultrasound or lipo-cavitation: they break fat cells that cause cellulite. This way, they are eliminated by the body through urine, also helping to combat flaccidity
  • Heccus: promotes the breakdown of fat cells. Eliminating localized fat, activating the lymphatic system’s circulation, facilitating muscle strengthening, and helping to eliminate cellulite. It should be done at least 2 times a week with visible results after 10 weeks

Whatever the treatment for cellulite grade 3, it must be complemented with lymphatic drainage to eliminate accumulated fluids.

Cellulite grade 4

In the final grade, flaccidity and skin dimples can easily be observed in any position. A more advanced form of aesthetic treatments can be applied, such as:

  • Electrolipolysis: a low-frequency electric current is applied through acupuncture needles inserted into the skin. These act directly on the fat cell, promoting its destruction
  • Russian waves: electrodes are used to stimulate involuntary contraction of the muscles, contributing to their strengthening and toning, helping to eliminate fat and sagging skin
  • Carboxytherapy: several injections of carbon dioxide gas are applied to the skin, which activates local blood circulation. This promotes tissue oxygenation, decomposition of fat and the formation of collagen, the latter being responsible for skin firmness

Lymphatic drainage must also complement the treatment. Same as physical activity, to eliminate the fat nodules from the treated region.

Cellulite Massage Overview

The following is recommended: abundant water intake to eliminate toxins while maintaining a balanced diet to optimize anti-cellulite massages.

cellulite massage

“Orange peel” skin is a problem that the vast majority of women suffer from. There’re thousands of anti-cellulite treatments, techniques, and massages to treat dimples that appear on the buttocks, thighs, or legs.

Normally, whenever you attend an aesthetic center to treat cellulite, they’ll offer you creams or gels. A cellulite massage is very often offered as part of the treatment as well. Nevertheless, it’ll all depend on the severity of your particular case.

A cellulite massage will aim to mobilize the fats and substances that accumulate in the dermis and produce the “orange peel.”

Have you ever wondered why anti-cellulite methods include massage?

Basically, because they are the most appropriate way to eliminate everything that causes this condition.

In addition to fat deposits, there are large molecules that become stagnant between cells. For these reasons, the lymphatic system cannot purify them on its own.

Likewise, anti-cellulite massages stimulate blood circulation, helping to remove “trapped” substances so that they can return to the bloodstream.

It’s good to know that these substances come from what you eat and from cosmetic products that you apply to the skin.

There’s no doubt that visiting these types of “SPAs” is a caress not only for the body but also for the mind. However, people often don’t have the time or money to cover the costs (usually high).

The good news is that you can also enjoy the advantages of anti-cellulite massages without leaving your home. You may do it on your own or with the help of someone else. We’ll show you how!

Keep in mind that these cases’ results may not be as effective as if done by a professional. But at least you’ll be taking a step forward doing something to eliminate cellulite.

We recommend the use of vegetable oils, such as rosehip, geranium, thyme, or rosemary for men.

The techniques applied within the cellulite massage to achieve good results are:

1. Kneading

It consists of pressing with the fingers and palms as if you were kneading a loaf of bread or a pizza.

You must keep the whole hand in contact with the skin and make movements in all directions.

2. Bearing

This maneuver can be a little painful since the idea is to mobilize the fats and tissues that have adhered to it to come off. You don’t need to suffer too much with this massage. If you can’t stand it, stop.

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The technique is rather simple: pinch the skin and “drag” with your fingers without letting go.

3. Knuckles

These help you remove the fats accumulated under the skin.

Make small circles with your knuckles in the affected areas.

Exert as much pressure as possible.

4. tapping

With the edge of the hands, tap consecutively and quickly.

Alternate tapping: right palm, left palm.

5. Pumping

The last step in anti-cellulite massages should be done in an “upward” motion. For example, if you’re working the thighs, start the movement at the knees and continue towards the buttocks.

The pumping is done by interlocking the fingers of both hands and pressing with the wrists (as if you were pushing the blood upwards).

Types of anti-cellulite massages

cellulite massage

If you don’t want to deal with doing it at home, you always have the option of attending a specialized center.

Additional treatments that can offer you to combat cellulite are:

Massage therapy

Homeopathic medicines are injected into the middle layer of the skin. It’s not painful, nor does it leave marks on the skin.

Also, massage therapy is combined with other alternative therapies such as brushing the skin with natural fibers.

Wood therapy is yet another excellent treatment that targets cellulite and body sculpting.

Lymphatic massage

This technique aims to remove toxins and improve the body’s drainage system (lymph nodes) through pressure from the fingers and hands.

It is a gentle method that includes essential oils, clay, or salts to exfoliate the skin.

In the case of anti-cellulite massages, these are usually deeper and only focus on the affected areas.

A session can last up to one hour. Plus, if you pair it with a good diet and 2 liters of water daily, you can eliminate fats and toxins faster.

Hydrotherapeutic massage

It’s carried out through baths with cold water combined with medicinal herbs or water jets at different pressure in the areas that we want to treat.

This type of massage improves blood circulation. Toxins and accumulated fats are eliminated, and the skin rejuvenates.

Shiatsu massage

An ancient Japanese therapy that not only serves for cellulite but also to alleviate various diseases or ailments.

Shiatsu means “finger pressure,” but the massage may also include knuckles, forearms, elbows, palms, etc.

It also deals with energy imbalances that can lead to pathologies.

Let’s Recap

A lymphatic cellulite massage helps you eliminate cellulite from your entire body if you do it constantly.

In addition to improving your diet, eliminating sugar, salt, fat, and flours from your meals and, above all: drinking 2 liters of plain water every 24 hours.

There are other factors such as fluid retention, age, skin thickness, and the quality of your sleep. These may influence the appearance of cellulite in your body.

All you have to do is change your daily habits, and you will improve your health and the appearance of your skin.

As you know, cellulite not only occurs in the buttocks and legs, you can also see it in your arms and abdomen; It is important that you drink plain water before and after each meal and that you walk at least 20 minutes each day.

If you do it before eating, it will help your metabolism be adequate and your digestion to be efficient.

Likewise, it’s very important to drop junk and fried foods.

Anti-cellulite massages help facilitate internal decongestion, with stimuli to blood and lymphatic circulation, especially if you work for many hours sitting or standing.

One massage per week should be enough to help you lose size and progressively improve your skin’s appearance. You’ll eliminate fat accumulation in that area, fluid retention, and you will feel more agile and with more energy.

Why massages can help remove cellulite

spa centers

Because they mobilize accumulated fats and waste substances that have become trapped due to their size between the deep layers of the skin that are not easily removed just by drinking water.

During the massage, your skin will be “kneaded” with the entire hand to move the accumulations of fat under your skin.

Then with a rotary movement, fats will be detached from your tissues so that they can be eliminated in the bloodstream; (this is why it’s important to drink water, plus you can add lemon with chia seeds for better results).

Hand knuckles during the massage will make you feel circular movements that help the fat separated from the tissue to be deconstructed into smaller parts so that they are easier to discard.

Massages are done with anti-cellulite lotions and creams that help disintegrate the fat under the skin more quickly and may even use aesthetic devices.

Again, if you also include detoxifying diets, diuretic drinks such as unsweetened green tea, and increased physical activity such as running, riding a bike, going up and downstairs, yoga or pilates, you will notice the difference immediately, and you will be able to observe how your skin begins to look smoother and healthier.

It’s important that you have several massage sessions to eliminate cellulite and fat accumulated for a long time in your body.

Remember that cellulite develops throughout the body: buttocks, legs, arms, and abdomen is the most common.

Home exercises


Besides cellulite massage and treatment centers, exercising regularly, it’s also crucial. Those who don’t have time to exercise daily in a gym may choose to ride a bike, walk or run.

These exercises also help combat unwanted weight by eliminating accumulated fat and contributing to the elimination of cellulite.

To complement, the following exercises can be performed:

1. Squats

While standing, keep your legs slightly apart and bend your knees a little, keeping your feet flat on the floor.

The motion is as if you would sit in a chair and slowly return to the starting position, contracting the gluteal muscles.

Perform squats for 1 minute, rest for 30 seconds, and repeat the exercise one more time.

2. Pelvic lift

Lying on your back, bend your legs and leave your feet flat on the floor. Raise your pelvis off the floor as much as possible without lifting your feet, and contract your gluteal muscles.

Perform this exercise for 1 minute, rest for 30 seconds, and repeat the exercise one more time.

A trainer can indicate a complete series of exercises that can be done in a gym or at home.

Why do Women get cellulite in the first place

Now that you know how to eliminate cellulite, let’s break the myth of women with 0% cellulite: you should know that almost all women actually have cellulite.

Some to a greater or lesser extent than others. But there are very few that don’t have a drop of cellulite. And celebrities? Remember that Photoshop can cope with everything.

Cellulite is the accumulation of fatty tissues under the skin in specific areas of the body such as the legs, buttocks, abdomen, and arms. When we say adipose tissue, we refer to a tissue formed by the accumulation of fats and toxins in adipocytes.

Circulatory problems, lack of exercise, being overweight and hormonal changes give us that orange peel appearance.

Unlike that of men, our body is much more prone to having adipose tissue because our proportion of fats is greater than theirs.

And while there is something in our genetic makeup that can make us have more cellulite, our nutrition is one of the biggest factors that cause cellulite and, therefore, also helps eliminate cellulite.

A quick thought on food

When starting any leg cellulite treatment, it’s also important to avoid eating foods rich in fats and sugars. Try to stick with healthy foods such as grains, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and without using dressings or sauces.

In addition to this, water intake and liquids such as unsweetened green tea throughout the day helps to eliminate toxins from the body and fluid retention.

Each individual has its own requirement of calories, proteins, vitamins, and minerals that are needed each day. For this reason, it’s always a good idea to seek advice from a nutritionist.

cellulite massage
Cellulite Massage, Exercises and Natural Remedies

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