How to Protect Your Skin From The Sun: Naturally

skin peeling

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The skin is the outer layer that protects and isolates the body from the environment. But how do you protect your skin from the sun so that it doesn’t deteriorate? Keep reading…

The epidermis (the first layer that forms what we call “skin”) is exposed day after day to the sun’s harmful effects and other natural elements.

Remember that UV rays are:

  • Skin aging accelerators
  • Enhancers of skin blemishes
  • But also, essential to synthesize vitamin D since UV rays allow bone calcium consolidation

That’s why sun exposure it’s a good idea as long as it’s protected properly. But how? keep reading for the best treatment for sunburn prevention!

Learn what needs to be done to take care of your skin daily without chemicals, only with natural ingredients.

How to protect your skin from the sun and prevent skin peeling?

The skin is a delicate tissue, so every day, whatever the season of the year, you must protect it from the sun’s harmful effects. To take care of your skin correctly, you must do the following:

Clean the skin deeply

Ensure that your skin is clean and dirt-free before you apply anything. Therefore, use organic cotton and soap and/or natural make-up remover suitable for your personal type of skin. Again, it would help if you cleaned it first before applying any product.


To protect your skin from the sun, consider how much hydration your skin needs. Depending on whether you have oily or dry skin, you’ll need more or less nourishing agents.

how protect your skin from the sun

Good nutrition and avoid harmful health vices

Stress, alcohol, and tobacco contain chemicals that poison the skin. It would help if you moderated them to avoid stains and skin peeling.

On the other hand, it’s important to eat antioxidant foods, such as natural juices, avocado, nuts, and fruit. This way, your skin will remain cleaner and with a more uniform color.

Try to use moisturizers protective against UVA and UVB rays, made with natural ingredients. Remember that you don’t need chemicals.

Sunscreen lotions

Some of the basic sunscreens are just chemical filters that break into the natural process of protecting the body.

The skin takes care of itself from the sun through sweat and melanin due to the acid they give off. While chemical compounds only:

  • Cause hormonal imbalances
  • They obstruct the natural release of sweat: because many of them interrupt sweating so that cream does not go away
  • They pollute reefs and corals with chemical substances derived from petroleum
  • And much more

Biodegradable sunscreens: Physical filters and vegetable oils

With all the above, it is important that, when shopping for sunscreens, think of physical filters and ensure that they don’t have any added chemicals. That is if they’re biodegradable.

Therefore, to protect your skin from the sun, it’s necessary to think of inert sunscreens and mineral powders to protect:

  • Different types of skin: young skin, mature skin, and newborn skin
  • Different areas: face and body

The best thing to do to protect the skin from the sun is to combine these physical filters with vegetable oils.

Because physical filters bounce the sun’s rays off, and vegetable oils allow you to nourish the skin.

Hydration and providing extra protection. In specific cases, such as babies, pregnant women, or people with atopic skin, seeing a professional before trying any oil is necessary.

Keep in mind that sunscreens only indicate the exposure time length to stay out on the sun. Therefore, it’s even more important to apply other forms of protection. 

Facial sunscreens: Acai berry and Green Tea Extract

When protecting your skin, the facial surface is more delicate than the skin that makes up the rest of the body. Therefore, it’ll need a special solution by taking care of it with different natural ingredients.

There are now different cream products on the market containing acai berry and green tea. This is due to their strong antioxidant properties. Try to get those whenever you can.

Drinking acai berry infusion and green tea is also an excellent way to provide your skin with antioxidants.

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Is skin protection recommended during summertime only?

As we discussed in the beginning, the skin protects our body. And your duty is to take care of it naturally daily so that it continues to carry out its protective task.

Therefore, protecting your skin from the sun should not only be limited to summer time.

The sun always lurks, even if the weather wants to fool you with a cloudy aspect. During a storm, ultraviolet rays reach the earth’s surface (although with less intensity) and penetrate the skin even if you can’t see it.

Remember that the skin is the protection of your body, take good care of it!

protect skin from the sun
How to Protect Your Skin From The Sun: Naturally
skin peeling

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